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Sun Jun 30
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IndieWeb Summit: reply-contexts should be user-editable in posting UIs in-reply-to h-cite property [...]

Thanks for writing this up! This discussion at Summit reminded me of several Micropub “UX Building Blocks” that would be very neat as reusable components between Micropub clients.

  • Reply context / link preview customizers (like the proof-of-concept Quill demo I showed at Summit, of which this is a test post!)
  • Micropub media upload handling for photo/featured, audio, video
  • Date/time selectors for events
  • “Pill” interfaces for tags/categories
  • Address book / nickname cache integration and autocomplete for @-mentions, venues, …
  • And many more!
πŸ“ Checked in at Deschutes Brewery Portland Airport, Portland, OR.

A break before flying away!

πŸ“ Checked in at Blue Star Donuts, Portland, OR.
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Setting up for the IndieWeb pre-party!

Looks good, party hard.

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We have a last-minute addition to our keynotes! [...] πŸŽ‰βœŠπŸ”πŸ‘πŸŽ‰

here’s a post about a post

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Jacky AlcinΓ© ... building an IndieWeb for all!


πŸ“ Checked in at Mozilla Portland, Portland, OR.
Sat Jun 29
πŸ“ Checked in at Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade, Portland, OR.
πŸ“ Checked in at Vtopia Cheese Shop and Deli, Portland, OR.
πŸ“ Checked in at Mozilla Portland, Portland, OR.

Jacky AlcinΓ© inviting and guiding us towards building an IndieWeb for all!

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Oh yes! @schmarty rockin’ the mobile demo with Indigenous.

So embarrassing I broke my site before the demo πŸ˜‚

So glad for a patient and supportive audience. πŸ™

IndieWeb Dance

πŸ“— Want to read Resilient Management by Lara Hogan ISBN: 9781937557829

So excited to have an IndieWeb Summit day!

Fri Jun 28
πŸ“ Checked in at Clyde Common, Portland, OR.
πŸ“ Checked in at Pine Street Market, Portland, OR.

IndieWeb Summit Pre-Party!

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They turned them into taxis πŸ˜‚

All the inconvenience of waiting in a taxi line, with all the inconvenience of giving all my payment and personal info to an app that tracks my location and rides! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­

πŸ“ Checked in at Case Study Coffee, Portland, OR.

Chilling between IndieWeb events β€” with Tiara, gRegor, Tantek

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Tantek asked me to prepare a music playlist for the morning of IndieWeb Summit 2019. Reply here if you have any suggestions and I'll consider it (but no guarantees)!

Poppy has a lot to say about the Internet that might be worth sharing with the IWS crowd.

πŸ“ Checked in at Mozilla Portland, Portland, OR.
πŸ“ Checked in at KURE Juice Bar, Portland, OR.
Thu Jun 27
πŸ“ Checked in at Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade, Portland, OR.
πŸ“ Checked in at Los Gorditos, Portland, OR.
πŸ“ Checked in at RideShare Pickup, Portland, OR.

I guess this is how Lyft works now at PDX

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IndieWeb Summit Pre-pre-party
A casual get together for dinner.
I'm going!

Looking forward to food and catching up with IndieWeb friends! Might be late depending on travel time from the airport, hotel check in, etc.

πŸ“ Checked in at Gate B25, Jamaica, NY.


πŸ“ Checked in at Buffalo Wild Wings, Jamaica, NY.

Pit stop before crossing the country

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Wed Jun 26

Come help build the tools that let Adafruit’s teams plan, build, sell, and ship open source hardware.

The Adafruit web team is hiring!

post from JOB! Full time web developer – Adafruit NYC! @adafruit #PHP
Full time web developer – Adafruit NYC!.Adafruit Industries is looking for a full time Internal Web Developer to work at Adafruit Headquarters in SoHo, New York City.
Tue Jun 25

Why so many websites went down on Monday, Facebook Libra points the way to an even darker cyberpunk timeline, and more.

Another great @violetblue Cybersecurity Roundup: June 25, 2019.

Mon Jun 24
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Sun Jun 23

Sunday snoozing

Fri Jun 21
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Thanks, Chris! I am thinking exactly along the lines of what you described. The ultimate β€œoh no I hope nothing breaks” demo for my site and all the apps and services that make it go! πŸ˜…

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Nice topic! Music. Anything related to music.

Great suggestion and I would love this as well. I am a bizarre person who is terrible at managing my own music experiences, so unfortunately I don’t have anything for this right now! I’m open to try things if folks have ideas.

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a post by Marty McGuire Marty McGuire

Thanks! I hope to show that (at least with Shortcuts on iOS), it’s possible to β€œbe the mobile layer over IndieWeb building blocks” you want to see in the world.

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The bit I wish worked better on mobile is syndicating interactions with Tweets back to Twitter. Posting the reaction to my site works fine, and some of the tools let me set a syndication target for Replies, but none let me do that with a Like or Repost (that I’ve found).

I share a lot of these syndication frustrations, since I don’t want to build it into my site’s backend. For Wordpress sites I think it can be automated with plugins ( syndication links?).

I’m considering getting a Shortcuts flow going before Summit. πŸ˜… Long term I would love a service that does this with Micropub.

Wed Jun 19
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I think for markdown it’s double-tildes.

Thanks for the feedback! Keeping it super profesh in all aspects of game development. πŸ˜‚

πŸ“• Finished reading Space Opera by Catherynne M. Valente ISBN: 9781472115072

Marty makes a quirky grin while staring into his phone

It looks like I will be speaking at IndieWeb Summit! Specifically, I’ll be giving a keynote about how to “Own Your Mobile Experience”.

As a long-time enthusiast for these tiny computers we carry, I try to make most of the things I can do online into things I can do on my phone or tablet. That turns out to be… a lot of things.

I’ll probably keep the technical details light, other than naming specific IndieWeb building blocks that each piece relies on. I plan to make a (set of?) posts on my site explaining the plumbing, afterwards.

With just about a week and a half left to plan my ~10-15 minute set of demos, here are some things I am thinking of discussing / demoing.

  • Reading! With an indie reader setup based on Microsub and the Indigenous iOS app.
    • Including following folks on Instagram and Twitter with the help of Granary
  • Replying and responding to things I read directly on my site via Indigenous and Micropub.
  • Posting my own notes and photos with Indigenous and Micropub
  • Seeing notifications on my devices when someone posts a response to my own posts.
  • Doing so many things with Shortcuts
    • Save articles to read later (similar to IndiePaper)
    • Save podcasts to listen later (via
    • Edit posts on my site and my private notes site via the Drafts app
    • Upload images and other files to my site
    • Track what I read (a Shortcut that extracts info from to post to my site)
    • Track what I eat / drink
    • Post iOS Live Photos as looping videos
  • Cheat a bit using external services
    • Checkins with Swarm go to my site via
    • Podcast listening history with the Overcast app goes to my site via a script and the Overcast “All data” export
  • And other more exotic stuff that technically uses web apps but work well on mobile:
    • Syndicating to Twitter and updating my post with the syndication URL thanks to
    • Post silly animated GIF responses with

Obviously this is too many things to demo in ~15 minutes. So, I’m looking for feedback!

What things on this list do you care to see most?

What things do you already do with mobile apps or social silos that you’d like to do on your website?

What things do you do with your website that you wished worked on mobile?

(Posted from an iPad mini, composed using Drafts, Micropub’d via Indigenous)

Tue Jun 18

Learning some Unity with Hunter!

Please enjoy an awful thing we made!

πŸ”– Bookmarked The New Wilderness (Idle Words)

“Even experts don’t have a full picture of the surveillance economy, in part because its beneficiaries are so secretive, and in part because the whole system is in flux. Telling people that they own their data, and should decide what to do with it, is just another way of disempowering them. “

Wed Jun 12
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It’s the White Truffle Ash Brie and I am told that it is vegan! A faux brie! It was quite tasty.

Tue Jun 11
πŸ“ Checked in at New York Pizza Suprema, New York, NY.
πŸ“— Want to read Resilient Management by Lara Hogan ISBN: 9781937557829

Facebook shuts down a tool used to find human rights abuses.

For a company whose main problem is the public finding out about human rights abuses (and genocide) facilitated with its platform, or Russian attacks on American society, or the prevalence and activities of nationalist and neo-Nazi hate groups on Facebook, or any number of things, it’s a brutal tactic from a company that will apparently protect its own interests at any cost.

Another great cybersecurity roundup from @violetblue.

Sun Jun 9
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πŸ—½ IndieWeb Meetup NYC
Join us for an afternoon of IndieWeb personal site demos and discussions!
I'm not attending.

Eek! With summertime in full swing, we had too many cancellations. No IndieWeb Meetup this time around.

See y’all next time, sometime after next week’s IndieWeb Summit!

Time for another IndieWeb Meetup! We’re meeting in Brooklyn to be a little closer to the Mermaid Parade.

Come on our and work on your personal website, take ownership of your online identity, content, and relationships! You can do it, we can help.

IndieWeb Meetup 2019-06-09 Wrap-Up

New York City's first IndieWeb Meetup of June 2019 met at Think Coffee in the Meatpacking District on June 9th, with me playing host.

Here are notes from the "broadcast" portion of the meetup. β€” Did not work on her site today. Been updating her NYU-generated faculty page, instead, and thinking about how it fits in with her site. Trying to fix links to things like research papers, which are normally behind paywalls. β€” Managing TODO lists today! Trapped in a "oh all these wonderful tools to choose from" situation. Made a lateral move to put his notes about IndieWeb into a local notebook in OneNote, re-reading them and splitting things up. Finding lots of old TODOs from IndieWebCamp and other meetings. Got FTP to his website functioning again. Amy reminds him to set up to redirect to his main site, as it's parked right now. β€” Been learning Amazon Web Services stuff, finding lots of IndieWeb examples of folks hosting on S3 and other services there. Doing research and making lists for things to try and learn next. β€” Updated his homepage feed of upcoming events. Previously, it would show future events that he had posted on his site, but it now also shows RSVPs

Other topics of discussion

  • We got a pretty decent table and an outlet, even! Sundays are pretty quiet here so that's good. The A/C was quite aggressive, though!
  • AWS does so many things and also has a very steep learning curve!
  • IndieWebCamp shirts are available now in two styles!
  • We're officially over the name "Homebrew Website Club" and we're currently feeling "IndieWeb Meetup". Maybe we'll make some arts for signs?

Thanks to everyone who came out! We look forward to seeing you again at our next meetup on Saturday, June 22nd. Location to be announced soon, but will likely be in Brooklyn near Atlantic Station.

Photo for today’s IndieWeb Meetup NYC!

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Letterpress printed QSL cards for successfully sent and received Webmentions must be the most finely targeted joke. The audience very likely not larger than 3 people.
Tue Jun 4
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Initial test of the "Sign in with Apple" API:

I am excited to see this as part of, but I don’t yet see a clear identifier that I could put on my homepage to say “yep, that’s my Apple account”!

Always enjoy @violetblue spilling the cybersecuritea. Click for the Baltimore ransomware drama. Stay for the thrice-dunked Facebook. Then, learn how moralizing capitalists make bank creeping on and silencing sex workers.

Mon Jun 3
β˜‘ RSVP'd to an event
πŸ—½ Homebrew Website Club NYC
Join us for an afternoon of IndieWeb personal site demos and discussions!
I'm going!

Looking forward to another weekend IndieWeb Meetup!

Join some fun folks and work on your personal website, whether it exists yet or not!

See y’all Sunday at 1pm at Think Coffee on 8th Ave at 14th St.

HWC NYC 2019-05-11 Wrap-Up

New York City's first (and, oops, only) Homebrew Website Club of May met at Think Coffee in the Meatpacking District on May 11th, with me playing host.

We didn't really have a "broadcast" portion of the meetup, but we discussed some things and worked on personal projects! I'm writing this up nearly a month late, so I have forgotten many of the things we talked about. 😬

Matt ( and myself ( researched ways for Matt to capture and process the many text, audio, image, and video artifacts that he creates across many projects, both personal and professional.

I showed off a bit about how I do this on my own non-public notes site, and spent some time working on an iOS Shortcut to post notes more quickly to that personal site.

Marty makes a wild-haired, wild-eyed grin, while Matt provides a more relaxed pose.

We look forward to seeing folks at the next HWC NYC, at another weekend meetup on June 9th. We'll be meeting at the same location, and may even be able to grab some outlets this time!

#tbt that time last month when we held a tiny Homebrew Website Club NYC!