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Wed Jun 26

Come help build the tools that let Adafruit’s teams plan, build, sell, and ship open source hardware.

The Adafruit web team is hiring!

post from JOB! Full time web developer – Adafruit NYC! @adafruit #PHP
Full time web developer – Adafruit NYC!.Adafruit Industries is looking for a full time Internal Web Developer to work at Adafruit Headquarters in SoHo, New York City.
Fri Mar 29

Loving the Adafruit PyPortal as an IndieWeb-powered photo device.

Code to come!

Thu Feb 28

Made a PyPortal Stand by Adafruit

I made a PyPortal Stand, printed from Adafruit’s design.

This makes a great little desktop mini-display!

Printed on a FlashForge Finder in black PLA filament from Hatchbox.

It printed fine without supports or a raft. I printed with a brim, but the bottom still curled a bit because my print bed needs some adjustment. I evened it out with rubber feet, but that changed the center of mass a bit so it’s a little forward-tippy. 🀷

It was easy to mount with nylon M2.5 standoffs and screws. I used a nut, small standoff, and medium screw for each of the 4 mounting holes, finger-tightened.

Tue Feb 20
πŸ”– Bookmarked Black Panther: the Return of the Future

“Critical theorists and political pundits and war historians and economists are right now making a pretty penny writing books about the impossibility of imagining the future. If you trace all history as Western history there are dead ends everywhere you look β€” and for too long the advances of science and engineering has been tied to a Western, Eurocentric vision β€” a vision that ends in climate change, water shortages, late stage capitalism, or a last ditch attempt to get off the planet. Of course the future is impossible to imagine if it is exclusionary and of course we can’t solve our problems with the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”