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Mon Apr 1
Two handheld game consoles rest on display stands 3D printed from black filament. Each stand consists of a rounded rectangular base with two arms to hold up the console. On the left is a GameBoy Advance with a clear plastic shell, appearing in profile. On the right is a GameBoy Color in a translucent purple shell with hot pink buttons.

Sliced a little extra off the bottom in FlashPrint. Nice and quick and the result feels sturdy with both a GameBoy Advance and a GameBoy Color!

Wed Dec 30
🛠 Made a copy of Cable Holder by jobsmolders.

I stream stuff multiple nights a week and find that the wi-fi on my streaming machine drops out or otherwise causes problems. The router is in a closet across the room from my machine, so I’ve been running a cable by hand before - and putting it away after - every show.

That’s annoying, so I printed up some of these, snipped off the bits for screw holes, and used 3M command strips to make and ad hoc cable run up and over the room with a 50 ft. ethernet cable.

So far, so good, though the blue cable is a little… obvious. I think the next upgrade will be ordering a real set of cable organizing channels that match the ceiling and wall paint. Someday!

Sun May 24
🛠 Made a copy of Mr. Alligator by curiousmedia.

The classic is back! Still one of my favorite prints.

Sun Apr 26
Three finished 3D-printed Ghost Emoji figurines arranged on a grey countertop.

I made some Ghost Emoji, from rmoravcik’s design.

Printed on a Flashforge Adventurer 3 Lite in mostly white filament from Hatchbox. We used sparkle black PLA for the eyes, and the tongues in the FlashForge red sample that came with the printer.

I printed without supports, so the bottom of each ghost needed a bit of cleanup. I also found the tolerances for the eyes too tight, so I shrank them by 5% and those fit great.

I’ve sent some of these to the co-ghosts of GHOST PARTY 👻🎉!

Thu Feb 28

Made a PyPortal Stand by Adafruit

I made a PyPortal Stand, printed from Adafruit's design.

This makes a great little desktop mini-display!

Printed on a FlashForge Finder in black PLA filament from Hatchbox.

It printed fine without supports or a raft. I printed with a brim, but the bottom still curled a bit because my print bed needs some adjustment. I evened it out with rubber feet, but that changed the center of mass a bit so it's a little forward-tippy. 🤷

It was easy to mount with nylon M2.5 standoffs and screws. I used a nut, small standoff, and medium screw for each of the 4 mounting holes, finger-tightened.

Mon Feb 27

AeroPress Wall Holder LE (Two Parts)

A nice wall-mountable organizer for your Aeropress parts.

I chopped the design AeroPress Wall Holder LE by jspiro into two parts in FlashPrint. This allowed the print to fit on the bed of my Flashforge Finder.

Here’s the updated STL file for printing: AeroPress_wall_holder-two-parts.stl.

In keeping with the license on jspiro’s design, this design is licensed Creative Commons CC-BY 3.0.

Sun Feb 26
↩ Replied to

We've been filling up SD cards with episodes of the We Have to Ask Podcast, so I thought it was time to get a little more organized.

To that end, I printed this nice and simple SD card holder by mandy2tom:

Printed on a Flashforge Finder.

Wed Oct 30

Vertical Stand for Two MacBooks


69 bytes. Updated
1718 bytes. Updated
44378 bytes. Updated
2782 bytes. Updated

This work is licensed Creative Commons - Attribution.


I’ve got an old white macbook and a newish retina macbook pro. Typically these live on my desk stacked on top of each other, with keyboard/monitor/mouse plugged in.

My cat likes to sit on top of them because they are warm. She also likes to chew on nearby cables. This is a problem.

So, here’s this Thing to stand them vertically!

Kitty came by looking for her warm spot, but didn’t stay long. My desk is now clearer, but also more lonely.

… success?


I modeled this in Inkscape and OpenSCAD. I roll like that.

If you want to make your own changes:

  1. Edit up the SVG profile image to match the thickness of your laptop(s). I just eyeballed the curves for the corners and it mostly worked out.
  2. Make sure you end up with a single path.
  3. Use the Inkscape OpenSCAD Poly extension to export your new profile as laptop-stand-profile.scad
  4. Open up that file and look at the name of the module. It’ll be something like pathXXXX().
  5. Open up laptop-stand.scad in OpenSCAD, render and save the STL

I printed my copy on a Replicator Dual with 0 extra shells, 10% fill, 0.2mm layer height. It took quite a while.

My Replicator is semi-enclosed, but I had some issues with cracking. Since I don’t care too much about the aesthetics, I just hit it with a heat gun to fuse the cracks together afterwards.

Tue Jul 9

Made for @melange396, who loves his bike so much he’s giving it a fog lamp.

Fri Mar 8
🛠 Made a copy of Preassembled Secret Heart Box by emmett.

The two top layers aren’t super solid, but I assume I could tweak that by calibrating my filament width a bit better.

Printed on a Replicator. Sliced w/ Skeinforge 50, 100% infill, 0 extra shells, 0.27mm layer height.

I love this thing.