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Mon Sep 10

Still so impressed by the We the Builders community and the completion of our largest undertaking ever: over 2600 parts printed, shipped, and assembled for the Nation of Makers first Nation of Makers Con.

There are too many thanks to give, but be sure to check out the We the Rosies project page for details on how the build happened, profiles of build teams and individual builders, and more!

And this amazing build video from Tested!

Mon Apr 30

Do you have access to a 3D printer? Help us make an unbelievably large statue of Rosie the Riveter!

We The Builders, Jennifer Schachter, Adam Savage, and tons of attendees at Nation of Makers Conference 2018 (NOMCON) will assemble it in June.

There are over 2600 parts to print, so that means we need to get going now!

Here’s a message about it from Adam Savage himself!

So go sign up and get those parts a-printing!