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The Adafruit web team is hiring!

post from JOB! Full time web developer – Adafruit NYC! @adafruit #PHP
Full time web developer – Adafruit NYC!.Adafruit Industries is looking for a full time Internal Web Developer to work at Adafruit Headquarters in SoHo, New York City.


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rahlzle dazzle: LFW remote SysAdmin
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Maks Surguy Maks Surguy at said:

Do you use Laravel?

John De Cristofaro John De Cristofaro at said:

Awesome team with awesome people! (he/him) (he/him) at said:

We don't! Our main system is a fork of ZenCart that has been heavily modified. It shares some commonalities with frameworks like Laravel, so familiarity with it can both help and hurt. 😅

adafruit industries adafruit industries at said:

looking for folks in NYC, however, we may consider remote -

Griffin Griffin at said:

Hey, that’s my position!

Femto ⚡ Femto ⚡ at said:

Is this remote friendly?

Travis Rosenbaum Travis Rosenbaum at said:

Oh man that would be so cool if you ended up at Adafruit! Two of my favorite electronics wizardry entities combined into a Brundlefly of awesomeness. :D