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Mon May 30
🛠 Made a copy of Mk6+ Safety Cutoff Board Mount by rullmann.
Sun May 22

Volumetric Tentacle Key Hook


444 bytes. Updated
6118062 bytes. Updated
4997589 bytes. Updated
⮩🛠 This is a derivative of Volumetric Tentacle by guru.

This work is licensed Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike.


Teennntacllles… coming out of the waaaaallll.

amyhurst was asking for a key hook by our front door and decided upon a tentacled theme.

guru’s awesome volumetric tentacle seemed like a great choice, so I pulled it into OpenSCAD and made space for a 1” roofing nail to slide-and-lock into the back of the tentacle.

(thanks to cibomahto for the tagline up top).


  1. [Optional] Adjust the SCAD file to match your nail measurements, with some room for slop, and re-export STL.
  2. Print “tentacle-keyholder.stl”
  3. Insert 1” roofing nail (or nail of your choice, if you customized) into the slot and work it back and forth several times to make sure it slides and locks into place reasonably well.
  4. With the nail in place, make a mark on the nail so you know where to stop when hammering into the wall.
  5. Remove the nail from the piece and hammer it into the wall, stopping just as your ink disappears.
  6. Slot the tentacle into place.
  7. Hang keys or your just creep out your guests/friends/roommates.