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Sun May 22

Volumetric Tentacle Key Hook


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⮩🛠 This is a derivative of Volumetric Tentacle by guru.

This work is licensed Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike.


Teennntacllles… coming out of the waaaaallll.

amyhurst was asking for a key hook by our front door and decided upon a tentacled theme.

guru’s awesome volumetric tentacle seemed like a great choice, so I pulled it into OpenSCAD and made space for a 1” roofing nail to slide-and-lock into the back of the tentacle.

(thanks to cibomahto for the tagline up top).


  1. [Optional] Adjust the SCAD file to match your nail measurements, with some room for slop, and re-export STL.
  2. Print “tentacle-keyholder.stl”
  3. Insert 1” roofing nail (or nail of your choice, if you customized) into the slot and work it back and forth several times to make sure it slides and locks into place reasonably well.
  4. With the nail in place, make a mark on the nail so you know where to stop when hammering into the wall.
  5. Remove the nail from the piece and hammer it into the wall, stopping just as your ink disappears.
  6. Slot the tentacle into place.
  7. Hang keys or your just creep out your guests/friends/roommates.
Mon Dec 13

BHat (Baltimore Hackathon) Ring


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This work is licensed Creative Commons - Attribution.


This is a parameterizable ring made in OpenSCAD with a “BHat” logo for the Baltimore Hack-A-Thon.

It was created as part of the Nickel for Scale project, which you can learn more about at


You’ll need both real_bhat_ring.scad and B.dxf to render a custom-sized ring.

To resize the ring without Nickel for Scale:

  1. Edit the inner_diam in OpenSCAD to match the diameter of your finger.
  2. Render to STL with OpenSCAD.
  3. Print!

To resize the ring with Nickel for Scale:

  1. Get Nickel for Scale from GitHub:
  2. Install Processing and all required libraries.
  3. Set up your webcam and configure the NickelForScale sketch with the right capture info.
  4. Run NickelForScale, choose the BHat ring (it’s built in), follow the instructions, and generate the ring.
  5. Your custom ring will be in the NickelForScale/data/ folder.

To change the letter:

I used Inkscape to generate the B. To use it with OpenSCAD, I saved a copy as Encapsulated Postscript (.eps), and chose the option to convert the text to a path. I then used pstoedit to convert the .eps to a .dxf, which is the format that OpenSCAD expects.

Fri Jul 2

Shower Curtain Hook


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This work is licensed Creative Commons - Attribution.


It’s a story that can happen to anyone. You move to a new town and leave your shower curtain behind. “No problem,” you think, “I’ll just pick up a new liner at the pharmacy down the street.”

So, you trek to the local pharmacy and find the shower curtain liner you were looking for, only to discover that they are out of shower curtain rings, hooks, anything made for holding up a shower curtain!

Facing down defeat and the very real possibility that you will have to take a dirty, inefficient bath, you come to a stunning realization:

You’re a MakerBot owner. You live for these moments.


If you have the same sized curtain rod and curtain liner that I do, just download CurtainHook.stl and print as many as you need!

To customize, start by downloading CurtainHook.scad.

Next, measure:

  • The outer diameter of your shower curtain rod
  • The inner diameter of the holes in your shower curtain
  • The thickness of the material around the holes in the shower curtain
  • The distance from the curtain’s edge to the top of one of the holes

Pad all of the values out by a millimeter or two, multiply each of them by 10, and plug them into the CurtainHook.scad file.

Render the model and tweak it until it pleases you, then export it to STL and run it through Skeinforge.

Count the number of shower curtain holes you need to support, and print the corresponding number of hooks.

Finally, hang the shower curtain and enjoy efficient cleanliness, because you are living in the future!

Wed Nov 11

Fridge Door Shelf Clips


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This work is licensed Creative Commons - Attribution.


Clips for a refrigerator shelf restraint.

I recently moved into a new apartment with a missing bottom shelf restraint. Thanks to MakerBot and OpenSCAD, I can finally replace it!

The hole on the left side is a bit more damaged than the right, so I created 2 different clips.

One fun exercise when creating this thing was modeling an M5 nut in order to remove it from the model later. I recommend everyone try it. :)


  • 1. [Optional] Adjust sizes, etc., in OpenSCAD, export to STL
  • 2. Skeinforge the STLs
  • 3. Print!
  • 4. Insert M5 nuts
  • 5. Insert clips into door
  • 6. Attach plexi/plywood/cardboard/what-have-you restraint with M5 bolts.