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Wed Nov 25
🔖 Bookmarked 3D Model Accessibility – Scott Vinkle

“3D models on the web… how are we going to make those accessible? How do you convey a “3D model”, let alone provide access via assistive technology?”

Mon Dec 13

BHat (Baltimore Hackathon) Ring


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This work is licensed Creative Commons - Attribution.


This is a parameterizable ring made in OpenSCAD with a “BHat” logo for the Baltimore Hack-A-Thon.

It was created as part of the Nickel for Scale project, which you can learn more about at


You’ll need both real_bhat_ring.scad and B.dxf to render a custom-sized ring.

To resize the ring without Nickel for Scale:

  1. Edit the inner_diam in OpenSCAD to match the diameter of your finger.
  2. Render to STL with OpenSCAD.
  3. Print!

To resize the ring with Nickel for Scale:

  1. Get Nickel for Scale from GitHub:
  2. Install Processing and all required libraries.
  3. Set up your webcam and configure the NickelForScale sketch with the right capture info.
  4. Run NickelForScale, choose the BHat ring (it’s built in), follow the instructions, and generate the ring.
  5. Your custom ring will be in the NickelForScale/data/ folder.

To change the letter:

I used Inkscape to generate the B. To use it with OpenSCAD, I saved a copy as Encapsulated Postscript (.eps), and chose the option to convert the text to a path. I then used pstoedit to convert the .eps to a .dxf, which is the format that OpenSCAD expects.

Fri Oct 29

File cabinet replacement bracket


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This work is licensed Public Domain.


Time to get organized!

For years I’ve had a pair of metal interlocking file stands in a set of wood drawers for holding files. For almost as many years, the plastic brackets that secure them in place have been broken and useless, letting files flop around at will.

Today, my partner offered a trade: if I fixed the file cabinet, she would do all of the house cleaning. Needless to say: OFFER ACCEPTED. :)

You can tell from the pictures that I’ve got a long way to go as far as quality settings with the PLA 4043D and MK5. The MK5 puts out plastic FAST and the PLA stays hot for quite a while, allowing it to sag. I’m sure I could improve this with some cool settings, a faster feedrate, lower temp, maybe a fan blowing on the work piece, etc. Instead, I padded out the values for the holes and hollow areas with some multipliers in the .scad file and everything works great!


  1. Measure out the clip that you’re replacing.
  2. Update the .scad file (be sure to curse me for the sloppy code) and export STL.
  3. Use Pleasant3D or ReplicatorG to center the object in the STL.
  4. Slice.
  5. Print (x 2).
  6. Screw into place.
  7. File!
Sat Sep 18

Tripod Mount for PS3 Eye


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⮩🛠 This is a derivative of MakerScanner v0.3 by abarry.

This work is licensed GNU - GPL.


Put your PS3 Eye on a tripod! Why not?

Starting with the CameraHolder.stl from abarry’s MakerScanner 0.3 (thing:3946), I wrote a goofy little OpenSCAD script to chop off some of the scanner-specific parts, thicken the base, and cut out space for a standard tripod 1/4"-20 hex nut and bolt.

License is GPL based on abarry’s MakerScanner license and use of Catarina Mota’s shapes.scad (


  • Print!
  • Insert 1/4"-20 hex nut!
  • Insert PS3 Eye!
  • Attach to tripod!
  • ???
  • Profit!

If you want to make changes, grab all relevant files:

Open CamHolderTripodMount.scad in OpenSCAD and do your thing!

Wed Nov 11

Fridge Door Shelf Clips


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This work is licensed Creative Commons - Attribution.


Clips for a refrigerator shelf restraint.

I recently moved into a new apartment with a missing bottom shelf restraint. Thanks to MakerBot and OpenSCAD, I can finally replace it!

The hole on the left side is a bit more damaged than the right, so I created 2 different clips.

One fun exercise when creating this thing was modeling an M5 nut in order to remove it from the model later. I recommend everyone try it. :)


  • 1. [Optional] Adjust sizes, etc., in OpenSCAD, export to STL
  • 2. Skeinforge the STLs
  • 3. Print!
  • 4. Insert M5 nuts
  • 5. Insert clips into door
  • 6. Attach plexi/plywood/cardboard/what-have-you restraint with M5 bolts.