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Wed Nov 25
🔖 Bookmarked 3D Model Accessibility – Scott Vinkle

“3D models on the web… how are we going to make those accessible? How do you convey a “3D model”, let alone provide access via assistive technology?”

Tue Aug 25

Learned a lot from Sarah Higley’s talk about notifications and ARIA live regions!

Sun Nov 4
☑ RSVP'd to an event
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Spreespeicher / 030 Eventloft
Accessibility Club Conference 2018 — Monday, November 5th, 2018, Berlin
The Accessibility Club wants to give you the chance to get some real-world experience with assistive technology, deepen your knowledge about web accessibilty and get you in touch with like-minded webworkers. The goal is to enable you to make accessibility a natural part of your …
I'm going!

Excited to learn from these amazing folks!