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Mon Nov 30

Get cleaned up and ready for another week of eternal Caturday!

Sun Nov 29

Time for a reluctant snuggle with a fidgety one during eternal Caturday.

Sat Nov 28

Time for a cozy snuggle with a loved one during eternal Caturday.

Fri Nov 27

Trying to sneak in an extra work day during this long eternal Caturday weekend?

Thu Nov 26

Thankful to be able to rest during eternal Caturday.

Wed Nov 25
🔖 Bookmarked 3D Model Accessibility – Scott Vinkle

“3D models on the web… how are we going to make those accessible? How do you convey a “3D model”, let alone provide access via assistive technology?”

A rough day might require some pampering during eternal Caturday.

Tue Nov 24

We may find ourselves in confusing or awkward positions during eternal Caturday.

Mon Nov 23

Time to engage with the outside once again during eternal Caturday.

Sun Nov 22

Are you blocking some exits during eternal Caturday?

Sat Nov 21

Take a peek outside if you must, but be cautious during eternal Caturday.

Fri Nov 20

What is within your reach during eternal Caturday?

Thu Nov 19

What are the people around you sinking their teeth into during eternal Caturday?

Wed Nov 18

What are you digging your teeth into during eternal Caturday?

Tue Nov 17

You might need support to reach your goals during eternal Caturday.

Mon Nov 16

Another opportunity to get it get it get it during eternal Caturday.

🔖 Bookmarked Standing up for developers: youtube-dl is back - The GitHub Blog
Sun Nov 15

Play nicely together during eternal Caturday!

Sat Nov 14
📗 Want to read Design for Cognitive Bias by David Dylan Thomas ISBN: 9781937557973

Rest as hard as you need during eternal Caturday.

Fri Nov 13

Did you go too hard in the chase this week? Catch your breath during eternal Caturday.

Thu Nov 12

Sending goblin energy into the world for eternal Caturday. (gremlin is so yesterday)

Wed Nov 11

Sending gremlin energy into the world during eternal Caturday.

Tue Nov 10

Sometimes we feel like climbing the walls during eternal Caturday.

Mon Nov 9

It’s another week of eternal Caturday who’s ready??

Sun Nov 8

Where have you found yourself after yesterday? Eternal Caturday needs you to know.

Sat Nov 7

Watching the celebrations in the streets as the eternal Caturday mood has shifted and lifted.

As Pascal says: “Today is a goooood day.”

Continued fidgeting is on the schedule for eternal Caturday.

Fri Nov 6

We fidget through a nerve-wracking wait during eternal Caturday.

Thu Nov 5

screaming continues at a lower volume

Wed Nov 4

More eternal screaming is in store for eternal Caturday. Breathe. Have some water when you can.

Tue Nov 3

Vote with your feet and hands if you haven’t already! It’s eternal Caturday!!

Mon Nov 2

Hope your spooky weekend was fun and that this week portends a less scary future for eternal Caturday.

Sun Nov 1

Mlem mlem mlem mlem mlem