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Thu Apr 30

Sometimes it feels like we spend most of our time watching and waiting during eternal Caturday.

Wed Apr 29

Hump Day more like Lump Day amirite? Eternal Caturday rolls on.

Tue Apr 28

Oh, good morning, eternal Caturday!

Mon Apr 27

Gotta get up and engage with the world despite eternal Caturday.

Sun Apr 26
Three finished 3D-printed Ghost Emoji figurines arranged on a grey countertop.

I made some Ghost Emoji, from rmoravcik’s design.

Printed on a Flashforge Adventurer 3 Lite in mostly white filament from Hatchbox. We used sparkle black PLA for the eyes, and the tongues in the FlashForge red sample that came with the printer.

I printed without supports, so the bottom of each ghost needed a bit of cleanup. I also found the tolerances for the eyes too tight, so I shrank them by 5% and those fit great.

I’ve sent some of these to the co-ghosts of GHOST PARTY πŸ‘»πŸŽ‰!

Hoping today’s Sunday lounging meets all your expectations during eternal Caturday.

Sat Apr 25

Gotta work on our best cat impressions during eternal Caturday.

Fri Apr 24

Weekend!! Party*!! Eternal Caturday!!

*within the confines of our own home

Thu Apr 23

Will drone deliveries actually become a thing during eternal Caturday?

Wed Apr 22

Who knew eternal Caturday would have so many Wednesdays?

Tue Apr 21

Good morning to all of y’all out there making things work during eternal Caturday.

Mon Apr 20

It doesn’t matter where in the house you have breakfast as long as you have breakfast during eternal Caturday.

Sun Apr 19

Taking Lazy Sunday seriously during eternal Caturday.

Sat Apr 18

Yaaaaahh eternal Caturday has twice the power today!!

Fri Apr 17

IndieWeb NYC (aka Virtual HWC US East) Meetup 2020-04-15 Wrap-Up

IndieWeb NYC's meetup for April 2020 (also virtual Homebrew Website Club US East, met on Zoom from 6pm - 8pm EDT on April 15th. It was mostly NYC folks, with one joining briefly from Portland!

Here are some notes from the meeting! β€” writing about webmentions on Learned a lot about them through sending a "strange" RSVP to an event at The RSVP was a longer post, which also included an RSVP inside it. treated the post as both an RSVP and a blog post about the event. Jason enjoyed learning about moderating webmentions through that experience! He also accidentally reposted a bunch of links to IndieNews because his site moved from http to https, and those are "new links". Eek! β€” had some time between giving a workshop and speaking at can now post photos from his Nintendo Switch to his website by making a new Twitter account that is just for posts from his Switch, then setting up a cron task to pull and post new tweets to special tags on his site, like the #ACNH tag for posts from Animal Crossing New Horizons. β€” now a member of NOAA's Citizen Weather Observing Program (CWOP)! Making him an official weather source. Working on a large project of archiving IndieWeb event videos from YouTube to Hopes to find interested in re-watching some older IndieWebCamp videos to reconstruct notes that were lost when Mozilla recently shut down their Etherpad instance. β€” Still posting one cat GIF per day during the COVID-19 shutdown in NYC. Recently started work on a "consolidated watch later" list using IndieWeb building blocks - mostly with microsub channels in Aperture as a queuing mechanism.

Other topics of discussion.

  • Home studios! aaronpk has a very nice setup with multiple cameras, switchers, and great lighting. Marty has some parts on order so he can use a DLSR as a webcam. GWG has a nice set up also!
  • Personal "this is how I IndieWeb" pages might be useful for helping on-board developers, since each is a personal setup and won't immediately be considered "expert advice". For example, Marty's page on the IndieWeb wiki. Starts at a very high level and adds more detail the further you read.
  • More open tests for Webmentions (beyond the strictly-plumbing
  • Sourcing home supplies in this time of lockdown. GWG recommends bidets.

Thanks to all who joined us! We will see you all again at our next IndieWeb NYC (aka vHWC US East) meetup online on May 20th! Keep an eye on or for the exact date, time, and online location!

Just another day of eternal Catur- did you say it’s Friday??

Thu Apr 16

This lovely science-fiction-story-as-blog story, and the story-about-the-story, is hitting me strangely hard today.

You can find the original story here:

post Didn’t I Write This Story Already? When Your Fictional Pandemic Becomes Reality
Sometimes, you’re haunted by your own stories. I wrote β€œSo Much Cooking” in 2015: in it, a food blogger describes cooking in quarantine during a pandemic, feeding an ever-increasing number of children she’s sheltering at her house with an ever-decreasing supply of food. For over …

Meditating on “if they ain’t payin’ your bills, don’t pay them no mind.” Eternal Caturday is a great time to catch up on Drag Race.

Wed Apr 15

Wow, my podcast listening habits have changed quite a bit under home quarantine. I periodically export my listening history to the /listens page on my site.

Last update: March 18th. Today’s update added: 0 listens. 😯

Hey! It’s gonna be okay. We can make it through this eternal Caturday.

Tue Apr 14

Getting so furry without professional grooming during eternal Caturday.

Mon Apr 13

Who knew eternal Caturday would have so many Mondays?

Sun Apr 12

Enjoy a basket if Easter is your thing. Easter comes but once a year. Eternal Caturday is eternal.

Sat Apr 11

SURPRISE it is still eternal Caturday.

Fri Apr 10

Embrace the weekend, it’s eternal Caturday!

Thu Apr 9

Stretching often helps the anxiety a little during eternal Caturday.

Wed Apr 8

Playing with our food to keep the pantry interesting during eternal Caturday.

Tue Apr 7

Tuesday? That can’t be right, I’m way too tired for Tuesday. Must be eternal Caturday.

Mon Apr 6

It takes effort to maintain grooming habits during eternal Caturday.

Sun Apr 5

Wondering what the week ahead holds during eternal Caturday.

Sat Apr 4

Stayed up late binging Tiger King to celebrate eternal Caturday.

Fri Apr 3

Trying to find some new perspectives during eternal Caturday.

Thu Apr 2

Finally took a trip to Rancho Island

Nook's Cranny will be open in the morning.

This is fine.



It’s up to us to make ourselves exercise during eternal Caturday.

Wed Apr 1

It’s okay to just lie down and stare into space during eternal Caturday.