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Thu Apr 28

It’s always important to wash your skull after a show.

Thu Apr 21

Unscripted 2016 Lighting Procedure

Pre-Show Start-Up

1. Turn on the SmartSwitch Panel

Find the SmartSwitch panel labeled THEATER RP1

  • It's also labeled Universe 1: 1-24
The SmartSwitch board we care about is on the left.

Using the panel on the front, use test mode to set all channels to 100%. You want it to say:

Test Relay
Ch:ALL @ Level: 100%
Use the +/- buttons to set the level to 100%

2. Power up the Board

Remove the cover from the board, and look for the power switch in the upper-righthand corner.

Press it to turn on!

As it comes on, make sure the GrandMaster (GM) slider is all the way up.

  • Also make sure the Black Out button is not red or flashing. If it is, press it to enable the lights!

Once the board boots, you should be able to use the labeled sliders to bring lights up and down!

Post-Show Shutdown

After the show, we need to shut everything down, starting with the board.

1. Shut down the light board

Find the mouse for the board (it is the one that has no label) and navigate to the "Power Off Device" link in the browser section in the lower-righthand corner.

Double-click it to start the shutdown procedure. You'll need to confirm that you want to shut down on the next screen.

If you see more confirmations, just keep clicking "Shut Down" or "OK" until you see the shutting down screen.

If you see this screen, the light board is shutting down.

Finally, replace the cover on the light board.

Cover up!

2. Shut down the SmartSwitch Panel

Using the front panel buttons as before, set the SmartSwitch panel relays to 0%.

All done! The lights have been successfully shut down. Make sure to switch off the booth lights on your way out.

Tue Apr 5
📗 Want to read Company Town by Madeline Ashby ISBN: 9780857665362