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Sun Nov 24

Grateful to have been part of this amazing group of performers! Doug Moe’s 301 class represent!

Also shout out to Treadwell’s down the street from UCB Hell’s Kitchen for this, truly, giant pretzel.

Thu Nov 21

Amnesty International (rightly) calls out the damages of surveillance capitalism by Google and Facebook but, ouch, they serve up behavioral trackers for ad networks on their own content. 😩

Sat Nov 16

Photo for today’s IndieWeb Meetup NYC

IndieWeb NYC Meetup 2019-11-16 Wrap-Up

IndieWeb NYC's meetup for November 2019 met at Think Coffee on Mercer St on November 16th around 2pm. — Made lots of progress on understanding IndieAuth and how he might integrate it into his site. Starting with GitHub profile URLs (, he will expand to allowing folks to log into his site with their own URLs. Been working on the user experience aspects of this, as it needs to be attractive and easy to do. Currently working to clear his development plate for his site by wrapping up some features related to notifications before getting back to auth-related work. — Hasn't had much time to work on website projects, so spent today making event posts for a couple of upcoming improv shows. Also worked on barebones event feeds for, which is so very much a work in progress. Very excited to have started planning an IndieWebCamp NYC for early 2020 at NYU. Details below and many more to come!

Other topics of discussion:

  • David and Tiara were missed! Calendar reminders would have helped, so this is now a top-priority feature for 😅
  • Paths to getting people started on their own webpages. Dmitri recently helped his mother set up a starter static site on GitHub pages, which only took a couple of hours, but provided the benefits she wanted. If she wants more features in the future, this was easy enough that she won't feel bad "throwing it away".
  • NYU Tandon can host an IWC NYC in Spring 2020! Can reserve 3 main rooms and additional classrooms for breakouts. Located in Brooklyn at Jay St./Metrotech. Tentative weekends include late March/early April and mid-to-late May. Will add suggestions to /Planning soon!
  • Complexity of managing "simple" "composable" cloud services (AWS Lambda, "infrastructure as code" projects like Terraform)
  • MacBook Pro 16" has been updated! It's so much like the 2015 MBP! Everything old is new again.
Two men grin for the camera

Thanks to everyone who came out and braved the crowded weekend tables. Apparently it is always crowded at Think Coffee Mercer, so perhaps we'll try a new venue next time! We hope that you'll join us for the next IndieWeb NYC meetup on December 7th. Watch for info about the exact time and location!

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Baltimore Improv Group Theater
GHOST PARTY presents "Shady Saturday"
ACOLYTES! You FEASTED at THANKSGIVING DINNER. You MARINATED in the SIMMERING hordes on BLACK FRIDAY. But do you have the APPETITE to go back for SECONDS?? GHOST PARTY presents SHADY SATURDAY, a blood-boiling tale of resurrection, demonic spell-casting, and ::checks notes:: …
I'm going!

You may have had enough holiday family togetherness but GHOST PARTY 👻🎉 is giving you a look that says we’d all be disappointed if you left now.

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🗽 IndieWeb Meetup NYC
Join us for an afternoon of IndieWeb personal site demos and discussions!
I'm going!

I’m… there right now! Time to work on my site and some other website projects. 😅

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The PIT Loft
Fury: Earth's Mightiest Improv
New York's mightiest improvisers have been assembled. Don't miss the action when Fury combines their powerful talent on stage! Based on an idea created during Improvaganza, The Hawaii Festival of Improv, Fury brings together top-notch improvisers for a fun evening of fast and …
I'm going!

What are you doing Monday night Nov 18th? I’ll tell you! Come out to The PIT Loft at 8pm to see FURY: EARTH’S MIGHTIEST IMPROV, where I will be performing with piping fresh indie team Great Personalities LOL!

Mon Nov 11
Reacted 😰 to

Whew, these slides from Laura Kalbag at the recent FF Conf are quite good. Looking forward to seeing a recording of the talk!