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Tue Sep 28
🛠 Made a copy of M8 Fingerwheel by theron.
Sun Sep 19
🛠 Made a copy of LED Strip EZ Clip Revised by Jamesdavid.
🛠 Made a copy of Handle for Z-crank by Zaggo.
Sat Sep 18
🛠 Made a copy of Tripod Mount for PS3 Eye by schmarty.

Tripod Mount for PS3 Eye


137284 bytes. Updated
236284 bytes. Updated
1368 bytes. Updated
⮩🛠 This is a derivative of MakerScanner v0.3 by abarry.

This work is licensed GNU - GPL.


Put your PS3 Eye on a tripod! Why not?

Starting with the CameraHolder.stl from abarry’s MakerScanner 0.3 (thing:3946), I wrote a goofy little OpenSCAD script to chop off some of the scanner-specific parts, thicken the base, and cut out space for a standard tripod 14”-20 hex nut and bolt.

License is GPL based on abarry’s MakerScanner license and use of Catarina Mota’s shapes.scad (


  • Print!
  • Insert 14”-20 hex nut!
  • Insert PS3 Eye!
  • Attach to tripod!
  • ???
  • Profit!

If you want to make changes, grab all relevant files:

Open CamHolderTripodMount.scad in OpenSCAD and do your thing!