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Fri Mar 29

Loving the Adafruit PyPortal as an IndieWeb-powered photo device.

Code to come!

Thu Mar 28
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post The City Born Great
In Β this standalone short story by N. K. Jemisin, author of The Fifth Season, the winner of this year’s Hugo Award Β for Best Novel, New York City is about to go through a few changes. Like all Β great metropolises before it, when a city gets big enough, old enough, it Β must be …
πŸ“— Want to read The Stone Sky by N.K. Jemisin ISBN: 9780316229241
πŸ“— Want to read The Obelisk Gate by N.K. Jemisin ISBN: 9780356508368
Wed Mar 27
πŸ“• Finished reading The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin ISBN: 9780316229296

Death is the life of the party

Tue Mar 26

Thanks to Jonathan for peering through the mists of memory at some hackneyed historical heroes in this week’s We Have to Ask Podcast!

post from Why Don't I Remember That? β€’ Ep 193- Forgettable Superheros
Do you remember these early comic book superheros? These forgettables may become very memorable.
Wed Mar 20

HWC NYC Wrap-Up 2019-03-20

New York City's second Homebrew Website Club of March met at The Bean at Cooper Union on March 20th, with me playing host.

Here are some notes from the "broadcast" portion of the meetup! β€” Working on his notification system, specifically tracking (un)read status of notifications from Gerrit. Today was exploring pieces of the system he'll have to modify to get this to work and now has a list of which pieces need updates. In his previous notification system, any fetch of a notification marked it as read, but that will change because it gives him more control over the system. Also made an update to the Homebrew Website Club main page to make the event description clearer, using text that we include on individual HWC event pages now. β€” Did a lot of digging into what's possible with MediaWiki templates, with the goal of simplifying the creation of Homebrew Website Club event pages on the IndieWeb wiki. He was able to get an "hwcdate" template together that outputs the date portion (2019-03-20) of event pages like events/2019-03-20-homebrew-website-club-nyc. Maybe created some tech debt, given how that locks in our URLs, but hopefully it will save some copy-paste-tweak labor. β€” Got stuck on a train and super delayed! 😭

Other discussion:

  • MediaWiki and its relation to Wikipedia and as an open source project. Many mediawiki installs become stale quickly, for some good reasons! Finding documentation on parts of mediawiki can also be confusing, as the common terms may point to similar but unrelated topics, may be outdated, may refer to plugins or extensions you don't have, or may refer to functionality available in newer versions of mediawiki.
  • How we learn and modify the tools we use to write and edit code. The trade-offs between using something we're comfortable with versus trying to pick up and become proficient with new tools. Sublime and vim and emacs and VisualStudio Code and all their plugins and ways of integrating with services and supporting different languages.
  • The Language Server Protocol for standardizing how editors can provide "smart" features like autocomplete for different languages and projects.
  • Synchronizing work-in-progress code. Is Git too much overhead? Maybe! Dmitri likes using Dropbox.
Marty and Dmitri smile at the camera, sitting in front of a brick wall.

Thanks to everyone who came out! We look forward to seeing you at our next meetup on Wednesday, April 4th at 6:30pm!

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Tue Mar 19

Join Jonathan and I as we tour through some of the most mediocre days of March in this week’s We Have to Ask Podcast!

post from How Did It Get This Way? β€’ Ep 113- March "Holidays"
There are a lot of "holidays" in March. Marty and Jonathan this week talk about the week past that had plenty of holidays to celebrate. But are they truly worth the parties? How did they even become a thing?
Mon Mar 18
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post History Museum honors women at work By Megan Bennett / Journal North Reporter Sunday, March 17th, 2019 at 12:02am
.......... .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... ..........
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πŸ—½ Homebrew Website Club NYC
Join us for an evening of IndieWeb personal site demos and discussions!
I'm going!

Looking forward to another Homebrew Website Club NYC! Find our table at The Bean at Cooper Union and work on your personal website! We’re happy to offer help, share tales of projects in progress, and more!

Afterwards, some of us will probably go to Internet Explorers - a comedy show about the web (this month’s focus is on Livestreaming).

Thu Mar 14

Me: [scrolling through posts in Monocle, the IndieWeb reader]


8 nearly-identical posts saying 'Tantek Γ‡elik liked a post on'

Me: I don't want to open up 8 tabs for Twitter. I'll just visit Tantek's homepage where I bet he shows these tweets in full context.

Tantek's website shows Twitter usernames, but no content or summary for these tweets, saying 'likes @jgarber’s tweet at 18:54, tweet at 18:53, @shiflett’s tweet at 18:53, tweet at 18:53, @mathowie’s tweet at 18:53, @leahculver’s tweet at 18:53, tweet at 18:52, and tweet at 18:52'


Tue Mar 12
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post from
OooOooOoOoooo: we're a pick of the week in the Baltimore Sun!

Thanks to Producer Amy for her culinary artistry in this week’s We Have to Ask!

post from Who's Hungry? β€’ Ep 184- Cheesy Mushroom Polenta
Someone is in the kitchen with Producer Amy. Oh, its just Marty. Find out what Marty is about to eat.
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post from IndieWebCamp Online 2019 and What to Expect at Camps
Over the weekend, I attended my first online-only IndieWebCamp thanks in large part to some excellent planning and execution by Eddie Hinkle, Greg McVerry, and David Shanske. I’ve attended many camps both in person and remotely but somehow managed to miss that first IndieWebCamp …
Mon Mar 11
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IndieWeb Summit
The ninth annual gathering for independent web creators of all kinds, graphic artists, designers, UX engineers, coders, hackers, to share ideas, create and improve their personal websites, and build upon each others creations.
I'm going!

Looking forward to my third IndieWeb Summit! It’s amazing to reflect on the improvements coming out of the IndieWeb every year. I wonder what I will hack on this time around??

Fri Mar 8
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post from Wanna Federate the Web? Stop Using Silos for Signing In
In the IndieWeb, there's a notion of using IndieAuth, an extension to OAuth2, to get into other services and control how authorization works there. It's an amazingly simple way to say "Hey, I'm Jacky. I want to log into Quill and give it permission to create and upload things to …
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post from 2019.03.08, 09:03
Happy international Women's Day to all the beautiful women in my life. Abled and disabled, cis and trans, all races, all ages. Love you all to fucking bits. Don't let the bastards grind you down. πŸ’œ
Wed Mar 6

HWC NYC Wrap-Up 2019-03-06

New York City's first Homebrew Website Club of March met at The Bean at Cooper Union on March 6th, with me playing host.

Here are some notes from the "broadcast" portion of the meetup! β€” Has many things to demo since last time! Left himself some to keep working on projects tonight. Most of his work is in Gerrit but it's main notification system is sending emails. Last time he was collecting those emails. But in processing the emails he realized they were missing info like user IDs and avatars. Changed to use the email as a notification of a notification - to trigger a fetch via the Gerrit API to grab the information he wants directly, looking for changes between the last time he updated and the time of the email. Been working on notification displays since. Has a reverse-chronological timeline where notifications flow by. Finds it less stressful than GitHub's notification system! β€” Completely forgot his work on timelines and re-styled listen posts! Launched, a silly promo site for and upcoming Ides of March GHOST PARTY πŸ‘»πŸŽ‰ show themed on BETRAYAL and also MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING. Used a template from HTML5up, which were recently discussed in #indieweb-meta as having a template that might be a good fit for the IndieWeb homepage redesign. Started work on a new section on his site dedicated to improv, so folks can find his upcoming shows, past events, etc.

Other discussions:

  • It's cold but not rainy this week! Walk fast to stay warm.
  • Density (and wasted space) in web designs.
  • What goes into a good homepage? Are there parts of your site that exist but you don't necessarily guide people to easily?
  • Rolling up and grouping noisy notifications, and choosing how to order notification details by priority.
Marty and Dmitri smile at the camera. Behind them coffee shop patrons go about their business.

Thanks to everyone who came out! We look forward to seeing you at our next meetup on Wednesday, March 20th at 6:30pm!

Photo for tonight’s HWC NYC!

I feel the spirits calling me … to savings! What a deal to have GHOST PARTY πŸ‘»πŸŽ‰ partner with BloodReads!

post from
ACOLYTES! As a definitely financially secure coven we're are pleased to announce that we're partnering with BloodReads to create a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for YOU!
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Baltimore Improv Group Theater
GHOST PARTY presents "The Ides of March"
ACOLYTES! Beware the Ides of March, for they mark a most terrible observance: federal business tax filing day! Communing with otherworldy spirits isn't cheap, and the late fees are KILLER. Work the closed system with your fearless coven leaders, Beatrice and Derek, and their boss …
I'm going!

Let’s GHOST PARTY πŸ‘»πŸŽ‰ like the rent is due! Come on out and let GHOST PARTY make you the deal of your AFTERLIFE!

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post from In which I finally stop using Patreon
So, hey, Patreon is a pretty popular site for funding the creative people you follow. A lot of people rely on Patreon as their primary source of income. More power to them if they do; it’s where everyone goes to do that sort of thing and it’s really enabled a lot of people to do …
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post from Tag-reply posts?
In response to my tagging announcement, Marty McGuire writes:

Haha, sorry for the in-line links! I was thinking of tag-reply posts from the receiving side, as a way of letting others suggest tags for your posts. Readers of your comics post tag-replies on their site, your site would receive them as webmentions and you could add them to the comic post or not.

It’s all IndieWeb building blocks, but it’s a lot of plumbing on your side (accepting webmention data into your tags, moderating) and theirs (making a post on their own site with markup, sending webmentions).

Tue Mar 5

Thanks to Jonathan for truly bringing “the bard’s” early work to life in this week’s We Have to Ask Podcast!

post from Why So Much Ado? β€’ Ep 162- Two Gentlemen from Verona Act 1 Scn 1
This week, Marty and Jonathan start "Two Gentlemen from Verona" Act 1 Scene 1. This is widely considered one of William Shakespeare's first written play.
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post from Site updates!
So hey, Publ now has a tagging system, so I’ve updated my site to show tags in a lot of places. I’m not sure if I should make some sort of tag explorer view or if it’s okay to just pivot between tags within a category listing. Insight or ideas would be most welcome.

This could be a use case for tag-reply posts! supports this for tagging people in Flickr posts, as well as adding labels to GitHub issues.

Fri Mar 1
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post from Thinking about Bridging
I am writing this post on my phone, which is a challenge in itself.
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πŸ—½ Homebrew Website Club NYC
Join us for an evening of IndieWeb personal site demos and discussions!
I'm going!

Another IndieWeb meetup at The Bean! The web is the social web, so come work on your personal website project with us!