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Tue Jul 28
🔖 Bookmarked How it feels to survive Silicon Valley and a pandemic | Engadget

“Let the unhappy techies keep their internet of shit garbage while we repurpose their devices and designs to reveal monsters, to document abuses that should never be repeated, and to take care of one another. “

Mon Nov 11

Whew, these slides from Laura Kalbag at the recent FF Conf are quite good. Looking forward to seeing a recording of the talk!

Tue Aug 27

I really dig this post by Charlie about recent unpleasantness in a supposedly “tech” community that is entirely people-driven. Toxicity, privilege, protectionism, and silencing critics (especially minoritized voices).

All problems are people problems. Even more so when what we build can affect so many lives.

Charlie Owen
post from React
So, Reactgate has become a thing. What's been fomenting for a while blew up last week, with two prominent White Men In Tech having little tantrum Twitter breaks, and a wonderful woman of colour working as a dev/designer feeling she is no longer welcome in our industry and …