I really dig this post by Charlie about recent unpleasantness in a supposedly “tech” community that is entirely people-driven. Toxicity, privilege, protectionism, and silencing critics (especially minoritized voices).

All problems are people problems. Even more so when what we build can affect so many lives.


Charlie Owen
post from React
So, Reactgate has become a thing. What's been fomenting for a while blew up last week, with two prominent White Men In Tech having little tantrum Twitter breaks, and a wonderful woman of colour working as a dev/designer feeling she is no longer welcome in our industry and …


Jonathan Prozzi


Marty McGuire Marty McGuire at said:

Also that article linked to this one that I hadn’t read in a while and it is just so good. I feel like I should read it as a morning meditation. https://www.sonniesedge.net/posts/progressive-enhancement/

Jonathan Prozzi Jonathan Prozzi at said:

I read this earlier today — great read. Brings back some of the points we talked about during a few HWC meetups last year.

Adam Adam at said:

reading through that thread like