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The PIT Loft
Fury: Earth's Mightiest Improv
New York's mightiest improvisers have been assembled. Don't miss the action when Fury combines their powerful talent on stage! Based on an idea created during Improvaganza, The Hawaii Festival of Improv, Fury brings together top-notch improvisers for a fun evening of fast and …
I'm going!

What are you doing Monday night Nov 18th? I’ll tell you! Come out to The PIT Loft at 8pm to see FURY: EARTH’S MIGHTIEST IMPROV, where I will be performing with piping fresh indie team Great Personalities LOL!



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IndieWeb NYC's meetup for November 2019 met at Think Coffee on Mercer St on November 16th around 2pm. dmitri.shuralyov.com — Made lots of progress on understanding IndieAuth and how he might integrate it into his site. Starting with GitHub profile URLs (github.com/username), he will expand to allowing folks to log into his site with their own URLs. Been working on the user experience aspects of this, as it needs to be attractive and easy to do. Currently working to clear his development plate …