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Sun May 17

My first Animal Crossing fashion show

Tonight I discovered that I had been playing Animal Crossing all wrong to this point. It's not about expanding and decorating a house, it's not about collecting unique specimens for Blathers' museum, or filling an island with things to see and do.

It's about fashion.

I received an invite from @thatonegm giving me about an hours' notice.

You are cordially invited to the West Windfall Fashion Show at 8:00 pm EST (in ~50 minutes). Windfall will be open to friends. Bring your fanciest, silliest, comfiest outfits and show them off!

thatonegm poses in a hero costume next to a sign announcing a Fashion Show.

I quickly ran to my house and whipped up some outfits for my fish wand, gathered up some hosting gifts, and made it to the airport just in time.

Our gracious host had not only prepared an amazing stage and audience space, but also welcome gifts and gifts for participation!

Here are some snaps I took of the show.

Our host welcomes us to the show
A flashy mermaid!
Alexander Hamilton
Ready for a night at the opera!
Some lost boy?
Some landlord cosplay!

Afterwards, I took a trip to see the sights of the island. There were amazing things to see!

The gnome vignettes were truly inspired. Gnomes painting gnome paintings, gnomes at a picnic, gnomes prognomesticating, and more!

Found a cool performance venue but the line for the restroom was killer.

Thanks so much to thatonegm for his abundant hospitality and for such a well organized event!

Somehow, a bar has been raised! Perhaps there is no limit to the heights one can achieve in Animal Crossing: New Horizons??

The temporary museum now has an oarfish

Bea holding a 36-foot oarfish

After seeing several friends' islands seemingly littered with oarfish. Amy (Bea) spent days hunting these once-thought-to-be-common sea critters.

There were none to be found on the isle of temporary, so she took to the skies. Once, twice, three times?? Who can keep track.

At last she landed on an island with no river, where...

She caught two oarfish in a row!

An oarfish is now on display at the museum on temporary.

Truly this our household's greatest achievement for May 2020.

Wed May 13
πŸ”– Bookmarked Exploring Grief in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

“During a time when we are unable to attend funerals or memorials for our loved ones and when we are unable to console each other in person, it’s comforting to have the means to do so through the soft and slow gameplay of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.”

Sun May 3

We are taking Animal Crossing pretty seriously here. Please enjoy this daily checklist that Amy made in PDF form or the source SVG on GitHub

Sat May 2
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Represent the #indieweb on your Animal Crossing island! To get your own, access the kiosk in the Able Sisters store and search for Design ID MO-5MDH-M0LJ-3MX1.
Marty's character in Animal Crossing wearing an IndieWebCamp t-shirt smiles while standing next to Blathers the owl. Biff the hippo complements Marty's IndieWebCamp t-shirt, crediting GRegor from RazzlDazzl.

Thanks to gRegor for the IndieWebCamp swag for Animal Crossing!

Thu Apr 2

Finally took a trip to Rancho Island

Nook's Cranny will be open in the morning.

This is fine.