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Wed Sep 4

Facebook coming through with some pretty gross new UI changes, now adding little badge icons next to some people’s names indicating that they are a “Conversation Starter”, “Visual Storyteller”, and possibly others.

Really raises some questions for me. Mainly, what are their goals for this “feature”?

  • To boost engagement of people who want to earn a particular little badge? (“Oh, I’ve got to post more photos!”)
  • To boost engagement of people who see the badges? (“Ooh, I wanna join in these conversations they’re starting!”)
  • To make people without badges feel uninteresting?
Tue Jul 2

Trump admin threatens to legislate crypto backdoors, T-Mobile and AT&T whistle while customers’ lives are ruined by SIM swaps, and CBP’s racist/sexist/etc Facebook playground.

Another great @violetblue Cybersecurity Roundup: July 2, 2019

Tue Jun 18
πŸ”– Bookmarked The New Wilderness (Idle Words)

“Even experts don’t have a full picture of the surveillance economy, in part because its beneficiaries are so secretive, and in part because the whole system is in flux. Telling people that they own their data, and should decide what to do with it, is just another way of disempowering them. “

Tue Jun 4

Always enjoy @violetblue spilling the cybersecuritea. Click for the Baltimore ransomware drama. Stay for the thrice-dunked Facebook. Then, learn how moralizing capitalists make bank creeping on and silencing sex workers.

Tue May 1
πŸ”– Bookmarked I tried leaving Facebook. I couldn’t - The Verge

“We have a hard time figuring out what Facebook actually is because we have a hard time admitting that at least part of what it supplanted is emotional labor β€” hard and valuable work that no one wants to admit was work to begin with.”

h/t to Colin Walker

Wed Oct 18

“Boost your post.” “Publish a post.”

Facebook, you sound desperate and pushy.