“Boost your post.” “Publish a post.”

Facebook, you sound desperate and pushy.


Nate Parsons
Säräh Mähr
Hannah Jackson
Matt Stultz
Andy McIntyre
Jonathan Monroe
Kristen L. McKenzie
Brian E. Young
Ben Roberts
Ryan Smith
Jeremy Ottley
Kaye Bailey Laymance


Marty McGuire🦀👻
Sean Geary❤️
Beck Arina😆
Eddie Hinkle🤢


Bridget Cavaiola Bridget Cavaiola at said:

I am concerned I haven’t heard from Throwing Lobsters in a while. Just sayin

Kevin Permison Kevin Permison at said:

It has been a while

Julia Hall Julia Hall at said:

Oh, FB told me my most recent boosted post at work was "not delivering" and asked for more money. Great sales pitch Facebook. "We didn't do a very good job when you paid us the first time. Give us more money!"

Ruth Hiner Ruth Hiner at said:

I got a coupon for my practice's page. Oh hell no, Facebook. I know that the first taste is free.

Brian Shea Brian Shea at said:

So they are basically like an improv theater? ;)

Kim Le Kim Le at said:

We threw them all

Julia Hall Julia Hall at said:

Dooooooooomhilda reunion?

Marty McGuire Marty McGuire at said:

Facebook continues its call to necromancy.

Kim Le Kim Le at said:

Maybe GHOST PARTY should involve resurrecting dead troupes

Frankie Daniels Frankie Daniels at said:

There are so many in the BIG/Baltimore improv cemetery.