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🎧 Listened to “An Indieweb Podcast Episode 0” by David Shanske and Chris Aldrich.

I really enjoyed this pilot episode! I was particularly interested in some of the discussion around annotations for audio. I think I’ll spend some time noodling on using Jon Udell’s clipping tool to generate shareable snippet URLs, and updating my webmention handling to try and turn mentions with media fragment timestamps into pretty annotations.

post from An Indieweb Podcast Episode 0 is a test episode of An Indieweb Podcast(working title). In it, Chris Aldrich and I talk about a variety of Indieweb topics, with the theme of Considering the User, inspired by an article we were reading. Part of this is an opportunity to improve audio post presentation on my website, so you will see audio posts improve over time....

🎧 What Podcasts am I Listening To? May 2017 Edition

When gRegor became the third person in a week to ask me what podcasts I listen to, I realized that this is something that changes a lot, and might be worth taking the time to review periodically!

I tend to think of my podcasts by category, so I'll attempt to break them down below.

Obligatory (several people recommended them and/or they're advertised everywhere):

  • S-Town (yep, it is really very good. also, it is finite!)
  • 99% Invisible (everything is designed by people and that is beautiful and troubling)




Gaming (RPG and Otherwise)

Friends' Projects (disclaimer: I have been a guest on some of these)

Politics and World Issues

Whew! This took a while. I have a frightening number of podcasts in my reader (I use AntennaPod).

What do you think? Any surprise overlaps? Anything you want to check out, or suggest that I check out?

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Bruce Sterling - The Singularity: Your Future as a Black Hole by The Long Now Foundation | Free Listening on SoundCloud

One reason lots of people don’t want to think long term these days is because technology keeps accelerating so rapidly, we assume the world will become unrecognizable in a few years and then move on to unimaginable. Long-term thinking must be either impossible or irrelevant.

🎧 “It Came from the 80’s… Vol.2 - A Retro Darkwave Horror Synth Special”

Been jamming out to this on and off for a couple of weeks now.

🎧 Listened to The Rise of Charm City Episode 15: Queer’s Looking at You, Cis.

This is an extremely good podcast and you should listen to it (especially if you live in Baltimore).

More importantly, this episode has a strong message to live by: people who need safe spaces should not be required to defend them.