🎧 What Podcasts am I Listening To? May 2017 Edition

When gRegor became the third person in a week to ask me what podcasts I listen to, I realized that this is something that changes a lot, and might be worth taking the time to review periodically!

I tend to think of my podcasts by category, so I'll attempt to break them down below.

Obligatory (several people recommended them and/or they're advertised everywhere):

  • S-Town (yep, it is really very good. also, it is finite!)
  • 99% Invisible (everything is designed by people and that is beautiful and troubling)




Gaming (RPG and Otherwise)

Friends' Projects (disclaimer: I have been a guest on some of these)

Politics and World Issues

Whew! This took a while. I have a frightening number of podcasts in my reader (I use AntennaPod).

What do you think? Any surprise overlaps? Anything you want to check out, or suggest that I check out?


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gRegor Morrill gRegor Morrill at said:

This is one of those posts I have wanted to write but kept forgetting to. I was reminded again while chatting with Marty, and when I asked him what podcasts he recommended, he went and wrote a whole post. So it's time I finally wrote mine. I'll try to break mine down into categories, too. Well-known You've probably heard of these already, so here's one more recommendation for them! This American Life: really interesting, thought-provoking journalism. Recommended episodes “Are We There Yet?” and …