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Amnesty International (rightly) calls out the damages of surveillance capitalism by Google and …

Photo for today’s IndieWeb Meetup NYC

Photo for this afternoon’s IndieWeb NYC Meetup!

Thanks Facebook Business but maybe you aren’t looking in the right places

Tweaks Ali Spittel’s face tracking filter demo to include a “snapshot” button that …

Facebook coming through with some pretty gross new UI changes, now adding little badge icons next to …

An honor to ride to camp in this caravan of amazing folks!

This sweaty guy is excited to be on his way to CAAAAAAAAAAAAAMP!

Photo for today’s IndieWeb Meetup NYC!

Thanks for writing this up! This discussion at Summit reminded me of several Micropub “UX …

A break before flying away!

Jacky Alciné inviting and guiding us towards building an IndieWeb for all!

So excited to have an IndieWeb Summit day!

IndieWeb Summit Pre-Party!

Chilling between IndieWeb events — with Tiara, gRegor, Tantek

I guess this is how Lyft works now at PDX

Pit stop before crossing the country

Photo for today’s IndieWeb Meetup NYC!

#tbt that time last month when we held a tiny Homebrew Website Club NYC!

An unexpected quiet afternoon means time to work on the ol’ website.

Photo for tonight’s HWC NYC!

Photo for tonight’s HWC!

Loving the Adafruit PyPortal as an IndieWeb-powered photo device.

Code to come!

Photo for tonight’s HWC NYC!

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Agility Finals 🐕🏅

Photo for tonight’s HWC NYC

Had a super fun UCB 101 Showcase yesterday at UCB East!

Thanks so much to all my friends and family …

Thank F@&k It’s Friday