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The most Christmas-y thing I will do this year

Completing the Grey Dog collection

Time for Raaaatscraaaaps!


Back at this place

Sometimes the food is delivered to you. Sometimes you deliver yourself to the food.

This island is indeed little. I’ve seen smaller?

On a boat, remix

Live band literally in the eighth verse of “the wheels on the bus”

A beachy crew

Actually a beach

Witchy breakfast

Tailgating while we await the next ferry

We’re on a boat


Screenshot of a list of upcoming events from this site's homepage. Show details and links in this post.

Feels weird and exciting to be putting new events in my site’s calendar.

I’ve got two …

We’re on a boat

Quick stop before boating

A happy hour break from a hot day

Art alart

Picking up is more exciting than checking in!

It’s like an IndieWeb thing probably!

A sort of IndieWeb meetup??