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#tbt that time last month when we held a tiny Homebrew Website Club NYC!

An unexpected quiet afternoon means time to work on the ol’ website.

Photo for tonight’s HWC NYC!

Photo for tonight’s HWC!

Loving the Adafruit PyPortal as an IndieWeb-powered photo device.

Code to come!

Photo for tonight’s HWC NYC!

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Agility Finals 🐕🏅

Photo for tonight’s HWC NYC

Had a super fun UCB 101 Showcase yesterday at UCB East!

Thanks so much to all my friends and family …

Thank F@&k It’s Friday


NASA in Space!


Maki says hello updated website.

Confirmed for Smash

Photo for tonight’s HWC Baltimore

A future haunt?

Photo for tonight’s HWC Baltimore!

Breaking the fast! Nice view for it.
Lunch break!

BarPGs! Drinking Quest at #AcadeCon

Lunch time!!!
Hello AcadeCon! Excited to play games with you this weekend!!
Now the checkin line times begin
That hotel shuttle!
Delays for lunch
Well-earned sushi time
🛬 BWI home at last!