Screenshot of YouTube home page. Instead of recommended videos, a stark message warns that Your watch history is off.

Wow, YouTube has gone ahead and replaced home page recommendations with a shame pop-up if you disable watch history.

I’ve personally tried to quit looking at YouTube’s recommended videos in the past. I guess this is their passive aggressive way of giving me what I want??


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David Mead David Mead at said:

Today when I visited YouTube I faced an empty homepage, with a pop-up stating "Your watch history is off". I wasn't the only one who noticed. But to what end? I guess in an attempt to shame me into turning it back on? I turned off YouTube's watch history feature off some time ago. Since doing that the homepage has been a mixed bag of videos ranging from the same thing I just watched (but from different people) to just random stuff. But that was fine. I normally go straight to my subscription …