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Sat Apr 28
πŸ”– Bookmarked Setting up WordPress for IndieWeb use

“I spent some time this morning doing a dry run through setting up a suite of IndieWeb plugins on a fresh WordPress installation. Going off of a scant outline I talked for almost two hours describing IndieWeb functionality as I set it all up.”

Mon Mar 19

🎧 Listened to “An Indieweb Podcast Episode 0” by David Shanske and Chris Aldrich.

I really enjoyed this pilot episode! I was particularly interested in some of the discussion around annotations for audio. I think I’ll spend some time noodling on using Jon Udell’s clipping tool to generate shareable snippet URLs, and updating my webmention handling to try and turn mentions with media fragment timestamps into pretty annotations.

post from An Indieweb Podcast Episode 0 is a test episode of An Indieweb Podcast(working title). In it, Chris Aldrich and I talk about a variety of Indieweb topics, with the theme of Considering the User, inspired by an article we were reading.
Thu Dec 21
πŸ”– Bookmarked Experiments with Instagram and WordPress Β« Island in the Net

“For my new workflow, I still manually post the same photo to Instagram and my website, but now I copy the Instagram URL and add it as a syndication link on the original WordPress photo post. […] It’s not an ideal solution but for me, it works better than the other solutions I tried.”

Thu Aug 5

Thingiverse Embed Plugin for Wordpress

For a while now, I’ve wanted to embed an RSS feed of the latest stuff I’ve printed from Thingiverse on MakerBot 131’s page. To kick things off, I asked Zach to implement an RSS feed of the Thing’s I’ve Made page on Thingiverse.

It’s been awhile, but I’ve finally gotten around to creating a Wordpress plugin that I’m calling Thingiverse Embed.


The plugin has two features. First, you can embed a little "wallet-sized" view of a Thing into an individual blog post or page, with the Thing's title, creator, image, description, and links back to Thingiverse with a simple shortcode:

[[thingiverse thing_id=“1046”]]


[thingiverse thing_id=“1046”]

The plugin also includes a Thingiverse Stream widget, for embedding streams like “Things I’ve Made” as a simple sidebar widget. It just needs to be configured with the title, the type of stream you want to use, the Thingiverse username (for certain streams), and the maximum number of Things to display.

You can see this example on the page for MakerBot 131.


You can download the latest version of the Thingiverse Embed plugin from the Wordpress Plugins directory:

Or you can download thingiverse-embed-0.1 here.

To install it, unzip the archive, copy the thingiverse-embed directory into your Wordpress install’s plugins directory (usually /wp-content/plugins), and activate the plugin.

You’ll probably want to check out the thingiverse-embed/readme.txt for more information about how to use the plugin.

In addition to the Wordpress Plugins SVN repository, you can also find the code for this plugin in the wp-thingiverse-embed repository on GitHub, for your forking pleasure.

It’s been fun a fun weekend developing this plugin, as it’s my first Wordpress plugin, and the first “serious” PHP I’ve written. Of course, it is filled with nasty HTML parsing and XPath tricks, and could use lots of cleanup, so please give me feedback if you use it!