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Mon May 11

We may be cozy today but eternal Caturday won’t wait.

Sun May 10

Watching the world go by on a lazy eternal Caturday.

Sat May 9

We feign comfort on a restless eternal Caturday.

Fri May 8

A weekend?? Oh, that’s tomorrow. Happy eternal Caturday.

Thu May 7

We practice our distancing dance during eternal Caturday.

Wed May 6

So many folks pushing to “open everything back up” but eternal Caturday is eternal.

Tue May 5

You’ve got to get it get it get it during eternal Caturday!

Mon May 4

It takes more strength and speed to get what we need during eternal Caturday.

Sun May 3

Good morning! Hope you enjoy a lazy Sunday in accordance with eternal Caturday rules.

Sat May 2

The weekend is in reach, but you must get up and get it during eternal Caturday.