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Tue May 5

You’ve got to get it get it get it during eternal Caturday!

Mon May 4

It takes more strength and speed to get what we need during eternal Caturday.

Sun May 3

Good morning! Hope you enjoy a lazy Sunday in accordance with eternal Caturday rules.

Sat May 2

The weekend is in reach, but you must get up and get it during eternal Caturday.

Fri May 1

Gotta get down on eternal Caturday! (How is Rebecca Black handling quarantine??)

Thu Apr 30

Sometimes it feels like we spend most of our time watching and waiting during eternal Caturday.

Wed Apr 29

Hump Day more like Lump Day amirite? Eternal Caturday rolls on.

Tue Apr 28

Oh, good morning, eternal Caturday!

Mon Apr 27

Gotta get up and engage with the world despite eternal Caturday.

Sun Apr 26

Hoping today’s Sunday lounging meets all your expectations during eternal Caturday.