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Mon Nov 9

It’s another week of eternal Caturday who’s ready??

Sun Nov 8

Where have you found yourself after yesterday? Eternal Caturday needs you to know.

Sat Nov 7

Watching the celebrations in the streets as the eternal Caturday mood has shifted and lifted.

Continued fidgeting is on the schedule for eternal Caturday.

Fri Nov 6

We fidget through a nerve-wracking wait during eternal Caturday.

Thu Nov 5

screaming continues at a lower volume

Wed Nov 4

More eternal screaming is in store for eternal Caturday. Breathe. Have some water when you can.

Tue Nov 3

Vote with your feet and hands if you haven’t already! It’s eternal Caturday!!

Mon Nov 2

Hope your spooky weekend was fun and that this week portends a less scary future for eternal Caturday.

Sun Nov 1

Mlem mlem mlem mlem mlem