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Tue Jul 7

Okay! Enough of that. Back to your regularly scheduled eternal Caturday programming.

Mon Jul 6

wE LiVe HeRe NoW. hApPy EtErNaL cAtUrDaY.

Sun Jul 5

The state of the weekend cocoon is strong. Happy eternal Caturday!

Sat Jul 4

Oh, okay. I guess we live here now. Happy eternal Caturday.

Fri Jul 3

You can do it! Try again! Join us in this eternal Caturday!

Thu Jul 2

Yes, even in your cocoon you hear the call of eternal Caturday. Heed it!

Wed Jul 1

Oh no. Are you resigned to your weekend cocoon on eternal Caturday?

Tue Jun 30

C’mon! You can do it! Escape your weekend cocoon and get your eternal Caturday going!

Mon Jun 29

Escape your weekend cocoon! Time to take on eternal Caturday!

Sun Jun 28

All screamed out? Curl up and have some rest on eternal Caturday.