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Thu Apr 2

It’s up to us to make ourselves exercise during eternal Caturday.

Wed Apr 1

It’s okay to just lie down and stare into space during eternal Caturday.

Tue Mar 31

Keeping ourselves amused takes focus on eternal Caturday.

Mon Mar 30

We dream of running free as we sleep through eternal Caturday.

Sun Mar 29

New handwashing habits are starting to feel normal on eternal Caturday.

Sat Mar 28

Are we feeling on top of things? No, eternal Caturday continues.

Fri Mar 27

Feeling like chewing on the walls during eternal Caturday.

Thu Mar 26

We may let it all hang out on eternal Caturday.

Wed Mar 25

We are not always sure where to look for reliable information, as eternal Caturday wears on.

Tue Mar 24

We organize our things and ourselves during eternal Caturday.