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Tue May 19

Get that grind! It’s eternal Caturday!!!

Mon May 18

Oh hello we are still having Mondays I guess! Happy eternal Caturday!

Sun May 17

Wow so many people outside with the warm weather but remember your masks this eternal Caturday.

Sat May 16

What?? The week is over?? Eternal Caturday you’ve done it again.

Fri May 15

Mmmaaaybe just a few more minutes rest. Eternal Caturday can wait, right?

Thu May 14

Okay! Okay. I am gonna get up. Eternal Caturday isn’t gonna happen on its own.

Wed May 13

Just a few more minutes rest and I swear we can do this eternal Caturday.

Tue May 12

Definitely getting up to face this eternal Caturday.

Mon May 11

We may be cozy today but eternal Caturday won’t wait.

Sun May 10

Watching the world go by on a lazy eternal Caturday.