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Sat Apr 25

Gotta work on our best cat impressions during eternal Caturday.

Fri Apr 24

Weekend!! Party*!! Eternal Caturday!!

*within the confines of our own home

Thu Apr 23

Will drone deliveries actually become a thing during eternal Caturday?

Wed Apr 22

Who knew eternal Caturday would have so many Wednesdays?

Tue Apr 21

Good morning to all of y’all out there making things work during eternal Caturday.

Mon Apr 20

It doesn’t matter where in the house you have breakfast as long as you have breakfast during eternal Caturday.

Sun Apr 19

Taking Lazy Sunday seriously during eternal Caturday.

Sat Apr 18

Yaaaaahh eternal Caturday has twice the power today!!

Fri Apr 17

Just another day of eternal Catur- did you say it’s Friday??

Thu Apr 16

Meditating on “if they ain’t payin’ your bills, don’t pay them no mind.” Eternal Caturday is a great time to catch up on Drag Race.