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Sun Jul 19

Remember to take time to recharge during eternal Caturday.

Sat Jul 18

Oops, forgot to enjoy what you have yesterday? Just go twice as hard today! It’s the same during eternal Caturday.

Time to enjoy what you have!! It’s eternal Caturday!!

Thu Jul 16

Don’t forget to enjoy your new goods during eternal Caturday!

Wed Jul 15

72 hours seems to be plenty of time to let your shopping sit during eternal Caturday.

Tue Jul 14

Remember to check for perishable goods beforehand if you plan to let your shopping sit out during eternal Caturday.

Mon Jul 13

Some say it’s effective to let your shopping sit for a few days during eternal Caturday.

Sun Jul 12

No, please. Tell me more about what the internet is saying on eternal Caturday. I’m listening!

Sat Jul 11

Oh, you read Twitter and it made you sad? How about that. Close it down and enjoy eternal Caturday.

Fri Jul 10

Is it, like, pretty interesting out there? Or weird? Asking because eternal Caturday.