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Fri Jul 10

Is it, like, pretty interesting out there? Or weird? Asking because eternal Caturday.

Thu Jul 9

Anybody getting out and about? What’s that like during eternal Caturday?

Wed Jul 8

Yaww-oh! Hello! Happy eternal Caturday!

Tue Jul 7

Okay! Enough of that. Back to your regularly scheduled eternal Caturday programming.

Mon Jul 6

wE LiVe HeRe NoW. hApPy EtErNaL cAtUrDaY.

Sun Jul 5

The state of the weekend cocoon is strong. Happy eternal Caturday!

Sat Jul 4

Oh, okay. I guess we live here now. Happy eternal Caturday.

Fri Jul 3

You can do it! Try again! Join us in this eternal Caturday!

Thu Jul 2

Yes, even in your cocoon you hear the call of eternal Caturday. Heed it!

Wed Jul 1

Oh no. Are you resigned to your weekend cocoon on eternal Caturday?