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Thu Jul 30

I am definitely napping and not lying awake dreading eternal Caturday.

Wed Jul 29

Just a little eternal Caturday snooze is all I need.

Tue Jul 28

I’m just gonna lie down in here for a think. Then I can face eternal Caturday.

Mon Jul 27

Take rest wherever you can find it during eternal Caturday.

Sun Jul 26

Pretty sure I was saying something. About eternal Caturday, maybe. Enh.

Sat Jul 25

Umm, it was definitely something. About eternal Caturday. Hmm.

Fri Jul 24

Oops what was I saying? Something about focus? Eternal Caturday?

Thu Jul 23

It takes effort to maintain focus during eternal Caturday.

Wed Jul 22

Hey! Didn’t see you there. Just kidding, we’ve been sharing the same space nonstop for months. Happy eternal Caturday.

Tue Jul 21

Ready to take on eternal Caturday? Okay! Uh, you go first!