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Sun Aug 2

It’s okay to stare off in anxious thought during eternal Caturday.

Sat Aug 1

Welcome to my eternal Caturday cave! Did you bring snacks??

Fri Jul 31

Time to up the shameless product placement during eternal Caturday.

Thu Jul 30

I am definitely napping and not lying awake dreading eternal Caturday.

Wed Jul 29

Just a little eternal Caturday snooze is all I need.

Tue Jul 28

I’m just gonna lie down in here for a think. Then I can face eternal Caturday.

Mon Jul 27

Take rest wherever you can find it during eternal Caturday.

Sun Jul 26

Pretty sure I was saying something. About eternal Caturday, maybe. Enh.

Sat Jul 25

Umm, it was definitely something. About eternal Caturday. Hmm.

Fri Jul 24

Oops what was I saying? Something about focus? Eternal Caturday?