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Sun Aug 9

We are testing structures and boundaries during eternal Caturday.

Sat Aug 8

It’s still a struggle to get comfortable even as eternal Caturday wears on.

Fri Aug 7

What are your weekend plans during eternal Caturday?

Thu Aug 6

Feeling sleepy is common during eternal Caturday.

Wed Aug 5

Enjoy what you have when you get it during eternal Caturday!

Tue Aug 4

Sometimes it feels like things are just out of reach during eternal Caturday.

Mon Aug 3

Oop, save your reveries. It’s time to face eternal Caturday!

Sun Aug 2

It’s okay to stare off in anxious thought during eternal Caturday.

Sat Aug 1

Welcome to my eternal Caturday cave! Did you bring snacks??

Fri Jul 31

Time to up the shameless product placement during eternal Caturday.