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Sun Mar 4

'Change' Logo for Urbanite Magazine Cover


126079 bytes. Updated
4953 bytes. Updated
2859 bytes. Updated

This work is licensed Creative Commons - Attribution.


The Baltimore Node is pleased to have taken part in the creation of the cover for Urbanite Magazine’s March 2012 “Change Makers” issue.

The file was designed in Inkscape and OpenSCAD and printed on MakerBot Thing-O-Matic #5564. Dozens of photos were taken during the build and then combined into the final cover image by the excellent people at Urbanite.

You can find the online archive for the issue here:

Other issues of the Urbanite are here:

If you’re in the Baltimore/DC area, check out the Baltimore Node Hackerspace!


Print and enjoy.

If you print it upright (as we did, for time-lapse purposes), you’ll likely get some stringing.

Change is messy. :)

This object was made by:

  1. Creating text and baseline shape in Inkscape and combing it all into a single path.
  2. Exporting the path to OpenSCAD polygons using this Inkscape plugin:
  3. Adding a call to “linear_extrude(..)” in the resulting OpenSCAD file.
Mon Feb 21

Thing-a-Day 2011 #21 - Auto-scaling Hershey fonts in JavaScript

This post used to be on Posterous. I rescued my posts before Posterous shut down and am now sharing them here.

Ok, this is kind of fun, even though the code is very naive.

I've added a height-check at the end of my line-breaking code. If there are too many lines of text to fit within the allowed space, the algorithm will rescale everything and try again:

This isn't great for real-time text flow, but it is fine for fitting text, I think.