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Wed Jan 31
☑ RSVP'd to an event
Baltimore Improv Group Theater
GHOST PARTY Valentine's Day Show
Attention, acolytes! It's Valentine's Day, and every kind of love is in the air! Your spooky cult leader Beatrice has summoned you to attend the wedding of her long-time co-leader Derek to the love of his life... himself! But will the ghost of a past relationship come back to …
I'm going!

Every GHOST PARTY 👻🎉 show is special, and this one may be the most special yet.

Please join us to celebrate… love? Probably?

Tickets available on Eventbrite for only $5!

Sun Oct 1
📍 Checked in at Juice Press at Gansevoort, New York, NY.
Grabbing some food post #IndieWeb Camp NYC. — with Tantek
Tue Feb 14