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After seeing Allan’s “*sta” post on the Thingiverse blog[1], I couldn’t help but actually make the “star-sta” a reality.

This is technically a derivative of yzorg’s Gangsta[2], but since I haven’t actually printed it, I don’t feel right clicking “I Made One”.

Thanks to tbuser for his 2D to 3D tutorial[3] which has the right pstoedit voodoo required to export things sanely from Inkscape to OpenSCAD.

Thanks to Inkscape for having a Star tool.

Thanks to MCAD for the oval generation code.[4]

Thanks to OpenSCAD for making ridiculous things like this possible.

Thanks to cibomahto for creating this mash-up madness.

[1] *sta - http://blog.thingiverse.com/2011/02/10/sta/
[2] Gangsta by yzorg - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5367
[3] 2D to 3D - http://tonybuser.com/2d-to-3d
[4] MCAD - https://github.com/elmom/MCAD


Want your own *sta?

  1. Scale.
  2. Skein.
  3. ‘sta.

If you’d like to tweak the model, you’ll also need the gangsta.stl from yzorg’s Gangsta (linked above), then:

  1. ‘SCAD.
  2. Scale.
  3. Skein.
  4. ‘sta.