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I’m already so proud to be a regular cast member and GM on the weekly Lawful & Orderly show - a “light-hearted fantasy police procedural” that streams from 8-10pm Eastern every Monday on

I am still absolutely floored that we were able to participate in an official Wizard’s of the Coast Podcast of Foes event for the release of Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes.

You can check out the episode on the official D&D site!

Thrill as our mystery guide @thatonegm leads our detectives Illyn (and Bark) (@geowtf), Alo (@alo_seda1), Shannon (@ATL_Spielberg), and Aaron (me) into heaping, oozing piles of trouble on one of Lan Arcanym’s most beloved of holidays: Trash Day.

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post from CS04P1 – Abrakatraz Stories, part 1
In part 1 of this episode, we follow the escapades of three nefarious villains as they attempt to escape the magical prison: Abrakatraz. This episode features: Scott (@geowtf) Marty (@schmarty) Clara (@alo_seda1) Andrew (@ThatOneGM)

I am suuuuper excited that this story is hitting the Lawful & Orderly podcast!

I was afraid that recording issues meant it was lost, but it’s one of my faves for sure.