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Sun Jun 7

What future are you dreaming of during eternal Caturday?

Sat Jun 6

Wishing you rest and strength for the work ahead during eternal Caturday.

Fri Jun 5

A lot of us have a lot of reading to do during eternal Caturday.

Thu Jun 4

Wherever you wake up, hoping you have a good eternal Caturday!

Wed Jun 3

Thank you all who are protesting for a better eternal Caturday. Take care of one another and stay safe.

Tue Jun 2
Mon Jun 1

A little bit of meta-caturday-fun.

Zzzzz… zzzternal… Caturdzzzz…

Sun May 31

Wheew all that preparation was exhausting I am gonna take a break now. Good eternal Caturdaying everyone.

Sat May 30

Am I doing eternal Caturday right??