Thanks to Ruxton for making available the source to the IndieWeb Best Nine, here are my “Best 9 Photos of 2019”.

The app walks your personal website, looking for photo posts, then makes a collage of the best nine. “Best” is determined by most IndieWeb likes or replies.

I initially tried to use the online version, but ran into some issues, so I grabbed the source and started tweaking it to handle some quirks of my site.

  • My monthly archives contain next/prev links that can be used to crawl my whole archive, but I don’t consider e.g. /2019/01/ to be a “feed”, so it’s just a collection of h-entry items. I updated the microformats2 crawler to support pages that are a collection of h-entry without a containing h-feed.
  • Counted replies marked up as ‘comment’ rather than ‘reply’.
  • Changed the resulting image size to fit more with my site’s layout.
  • Filtered out comments from myself, as well as automated comments on my checkins from Swarm via OwnYourSwarm.
  • Added cropping to make non-square images square.
  • Added some debugging to spit out my posts and their interaction counts.

Here are the links to the individual top 9 photo posts!

You can find my modified version of indieweb-bestnine on GitHub!