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Fri Jun 5

A lot of us have a lot of reading to do during eternal Caturday.

Thu Jun 4

Wherever you wake up, hoping you have a good eternal Caturday!

Wed Jun 3

Thank you all who are protesting for a better eternal Caturday. Take care of one another and stay safe.

Tue Jun 2
Mon Jun 1

A little bit of meta-caturday-fun.

Zzzzz… zzzternal… Caturdzzzz…

Sun May 31

Wheew all that preparation was exhausting I am gonna take a break now. Good eternal Caturdaying everyone.

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Yes, America is burning, and it has always been burning.And then, in the middle of a pandemic and a financial crisis, with millions of people suddenly out of work and unable to so much as greet each other for fear of contracting a deadly illness, a Minneapolis Police Officer …
πŸ“— Want to read Network Effect by Martha Wells ISBN: 9781250229861
πŸ“• Finished reading Exit Strategy by Martha Wells
πŸ“• Finished reading Rogue Protocol by Martha Wells ISBN: 9781250191786
πŸ“• Finished reading Artificial Condition by Martha Wells ISBN: 9781250186928
Sat May 30
πŸ“• Finished reading All Systems Red by Martha Wells ISBN: 9780765397522
πŸ”– Bookmarked A user’s guide to CSS variables – Increment: Frontend

“The first working draft of the CSS variables module was published around 2012, and CSS custom properties for cascading variables (as it was more accurately renamed) finally gained traction around 2017 with browser support parity.”

Am I doing eternal Caturday right??

Fri May 29

So close to being ready. Eternal Caturday, here I come!

Thu May 28

Hang on, eternal Caturday, I am almost ready to deal with you.

Wed May 27

Just a few more personal tasks and I’ll be ready to face this week of eternal Caturday. Probably.

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For my cardio + β€œmultitasking” heads, I have to recommend getting a rowing machine. I got a simple one that works using an elastic band but I hit all of my burn targets and sweat. And I can watch TV! All from my home. I got mine less than $150.

This post got me. Ordered! πŸ˜‚

Tue May 26
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huh! odd. firefox 76 on mac definitely auto-fills my URL after i’ve typed just the first two letters of the domain. no http[s]:// needed.

Thanks, Ryan! I see the same behavior on Firefox, but probably wasn’t clear explaining it (“start typing from somewhere in the middle”). I do use this when I’m on my full computer, and it helps!

Where I get really frustrated is on my iOS device, where I never seem to get autofill suggestions…

Screenshot of the letters "mart" entered into a web sign-in form. No autofill suggestions are present.

Great nod to aaronpk’s auto-http(s):// script! I try to make use of it in all web sign-in projects that I work on!

A lot to catch up on after a long weekend! Y’all are busy during eternal Caturday.

Mon May 25

A hole in browser Autofill support

If you've ever seen your browser automatically fill in your shipping address, or seen your iPhone offer to scan a credit card on an e-commerce site, you're seeing Autofill in action.

Autofill has been part of the WHATWG HTML Standard for some years now. This 2016 write-up by Jason Grigsby gives a pretty good sense of what can be done with it.

The spec describes ways that an HTML <input> element can use the "autocomplete" attribute to hint to the browser that it should offer to fill it with specific Autofill data, if the browser has it and if Autofill is enabled. There's a long list of values related to names, addresses, phone numbers, dates, and more. Additionally, since users might have more than one of a thing, these can be scoped with values like "home", "work", etc. It's possible to further group addresses by "shipping" and "billing", and even to group larger chunks of forms by named sections.

An example might look like:

<input name="home-street-address" autocomplete="shipping home street-address">

An IndieWeb use-case for Autofill

Web sign-in is a very IndieWeb concept where you sign into websites using your personal web address, rather than an email address or username.

The sign-in form for asks you to sign in using a URL.

As with any repetitive tasks, typing my site’s URL into these login forms gets annoying. My main browser (Firefox) is pretty smart. Autocomplete kicks in after I type a few characters from my URL and it will offer to fill in URLs that I’ve typed before. However, since most URLs start with “https://“, autocomplete suggestions aren’t very useful until I’ve typed out 9 or more characters (or if I start typing from somewhere in the middle).

Helpfully, “url” is one of the many attributes in the WHATWG Autofill spec! It’s described like so:

Home page or other Web page corresponding to the company, person, address, or contact information in the other fields associated with this field

In theory, it should be possible for sites with Web Sign-in to improve this process with the help of the browser and Autofill. For example:

<input name="url" type="url" autocomplete="url">

Or more specifically, use your "home" (personal) URL:

<input name="url" type="url" autocomplete="home url">

It's my thinking that, with this in place, a browser should automatically suggest my URL without me typing anything at all!

A URL-shaped hole in Autofill

I tried this out by setting up url autocomplete suggestions on two different apps with Web Sign-in. (Specifically, my personal instance of Aperture, and the IndieWeb webring).

I then tried signing in and out several times to both sites, using the same URL each time. Browsers tested include Firefox, Chromium, and iOS Safari, all with Autofill enabled.

I am sad to report that none of the tested browsers attempted to automatically fill in the URL value. The extra autocomplete attribute didn't break the default autocompletion, but I still see it suggest every URL it knows about rather than learning one.

I have had trouble finding documentation on how specific browsers implement Autofill. One note in Jason's 2016 article suggests that browsers may need multiple "hints" before it will decide that a particular input is part of a group which should be auto-filled.

Another hint comes from Chromium's settings for managing Autofill data. This is what the form looks like for adding a new address:

Chromium address dialog with fields for name, street address, and more. There is no field for URL.

Notice a field that isn't there?

On Saturday my partner put on Broken Arrow (“Why?” “It’s on HBO Now and I don’t remember how it’s different from Face/Off”).

Me, around 15 minutes in: Oh yeah the park ranger! Gosh she is so familiar.
Me, around 40 minutes in: Argh, who is she, this is going to drive me crazy.

Later, watching Super Mario Bros. (film).

Me: I don’t know why they added a personal-assistant-slash-love-interest for Koopa.
Partner: She’s my favorite so far.
Me: What? Why?
Partner: She’s in Killing Eve!
Me: 😯

If you’d like to follow this thread yourself, some kind soul has uploaded the otherwise-apparently-unavailable-on-streaming-services SMB film to Vimeo.

Apple no

Happy Monday! Or Secret Sunday, if you are celebrating.

Sun May 24
πŸ›  Made a copy of Mr. Alligator by curiousmedia.

The classic is back! Still one of my favorite prints.

Rawr! A three-day weekend means a second chance at eternal Caturday!

Sat May 23

Nothing like a rainy day in eternal Caturday.

Fri May 22

Oh, were you planning on going somewhere? Eternal Caturday encourages you to reconsider.

Thu May 21
πŸ”– Bookmarked How to Scope Down PRs

“The smaller the amount of code, the lower the cognitive load you impose on them to envision all the moving parts and any potential side effects.”