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Sat Jan 19

Riding around

An IndieWeb(ring) Directory

Members of the 🕸💍 IndieWeb Webring now have a new way to find one another, and show off!

Screenshot sample of profiles in this IndieWeb Webring directory including photo, name, URL, and bio note.

That’s right, this 🕸💍 IndieWeb Webring now has a directory showcasing profiles of active sites in the ring! Where possible, it shows name, photo, and short bio in addition to the site’s URL (and of course their potentially problematic cute emoji ID).

These profiles are possible when people publish personal particulars on their page as a microformats2 representative h-card.

That is a bunch of jargon, to be sure, but what it means is that you with a few tweaks to your homepage, you can make info like your name, photo, and a bio – which is probably already displayed for people to see – readable by machines that understand microformats2, like this one!

Fated-to-be Asked Questions

How do I get my site to show up in the directory?

Visit the your 🕸💍 webring dashboard (you’ll need to log in) and click the “Check for updated profile” button.

I updated my profile, but it’s not working!

Try out your page in the validator. If it shows you that it found a “representative h-card”, then your page should work for the webring directory!

Wait a sec, my site is already in the directory!

I went ahead and pre-loaded the profile info for all registered and active sites! I don’t plan to do that again.

My site is in the directory but I don’t want to be listed!

Sorry about that! You can remove yourself by visiting your 🕸💍 webring dashboard (you’ll need to log in) and click the “Remove my profile” button.

Why did you do this?

I was inspired by Grant’s IndieWeb Directory, Aaron’s, this 🕸💍 review by Brad Enslen, and more. Basically: surfing around a webring with next and previous links is good fun, and it’s even more fun to see so many folks excited about the IndieWeb in one place!

Is there anything else?

Yes! There are also now individual profile pages, if that’s something you want to link to. My webring emoji ID is 🚯, so my profile can be found at: 🕸💍.ws/🚯

I don’t know yet how these pages might evolve so I welcome your feedback!

Can I ask you a different question or give you feedback?

Of course! Please do! You can reply to this post on your own site or via Twitter, or feel free to drop me a line in the #indieweb chat (I’m schmarty there).

Wed Jan 16
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NYC Aroma Espresso Bar
🗽 Homebrew Website Club NYC
Join us for an evening of IndieWeb personal site demos and discussions!
I'm going!

Looking forward to my first Homebrew Website Club since moving to NYC!

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post from Colours of 2018
In one of my trips to Helsinki in 2017, I visited Design Museo and in it there was an exhibition of the work of Margrethe Odgaard which investigated colours and patterns. It included a colour diary of various locations where colour combinations found in many places were captured.
Tue Jan 15

Thanks and congrats to Jonathan for exploring his winter travel anxieties and seeking to keep his commitments in this week’s We Have to Ask Podcast!

But … did he make it??

post from Will You Make It? • Ep 197- 1st Snow of 2019
Marty and Jonathan have a special assignment this week. Jonathan has a play to get to a hour away. Forecast calls for snow and for the heavy part to happen on his way back home. Our hosts will figure out if Jonathan can make the show and home safely.
Mon Jan 14
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post from Stop optimizing. Start nourishing.
A week ago, my friend shared the video for Lizzo’s song “Juice.”

This inline website editor by Grant is looking very exciting! Powered entirely by IndieWeb building blocks: microformats (to understand the content on your page) and micropub (to make new posts and edits).

post from My New Posting Workflow
So I have been working away on some new features on my site for quite a while now and it looks like everything is about ready.Honestly I don't particularly enjoy writing long-form content, so it is kind of strange that I have really enjoyed working on this new functionality.The …
Fri Jan 11
📍 Checked in at UCB Theatre East, New York, NY.

Thank F@&k It’s Friday

Wed Jan 9
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The first time I can remember logging on to the net was around 1998, when I was five years old. My father was with me; I remember him working his magic, getting the modem to hum its infamous atonal tune. The purpose of this journey was to see if the internet had any answers to my …

Congrats to Joel and Lars on 500 episodes of everything that Hobo Radio has been, is, and will become!

Really looking forward to the 100% segments show. 😜

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post from Goodbye Facebook, Goodbye Google+
I deleted all of my Facebook posts last week. I deleted my Google+ posts too. They were pretty much all here on my web site too, so nothing was truly lost, but I still feel a bit lighter, somehow.
Tue Jan 8
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post from Koype Updates for January 2019
I’m getting closer and closer to a solid release for Koype.

Thanks to Jonathan for once again expanding our minds in this week’s We Have to Ask Podcast!

Make sure to comment with your scores! I wagered all my points on the final round and ended up with zero!

post from Is That Your Final Answer? • Ep 187- Week 2 of 2019
It's week 2 with 15 brand new questions. How well did you do? Make sure you let us know!
Mon Jan 7
📍 Checked in at Metropolitan Opera, New York, NY.


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post from Cartoon Network, Microsoft MakeCode and Adafruit team up to create new coding projects for kids @latimes
Cartoon Network, Microsoft MakeCode and Adafruit team up to create new coding projects for kids – Los Angeles Times.
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post from My 2019 Goals: Create, Collaborate, and Get Out of the US
Each year I create a list of goals and resolutions, and I publish them here to keep me accountable. I’ve learned it doesn’t actually matter if other people read the posts, just *me knowing* that I’ve publicly stated my goals and will review them at the end of the year helps keep …
Sat Jan 5
📍 Checked in at Caveat, New York, NY.

NASA in Space!

📍 Checked in at Xi’an Famous Foods, New York, NY.


Thu Jan 3
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post from 2018 goals review
This is me giving a TEDx talk at TEDxMtHood. The photographer is the TEDxMtHood staff photographer.Most years, I write out a list of goals for the year and then review them at year end to see what I accomplished. In 2018, I had a list of 15 goals. How did I do?
Tue Jan 1

Thanks to Chris & Joe of the The Curioso Podcast, and Joel of Peak Sloth Podcast Network for letting the ink hit the page in this week’s We Have to Ask Podcast!

Happy New Year from your favorite improvised interview podcast! And from this one.

post from Are You Writing A Book? • Ep 119- Christmas Time
We Have To Ask would like to wish you an amazing start to 2019. Here is a tapping of a Christmas show that happened with almost everyone from The Peak Sloth Network.
Sun Dec 30
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Capital Factory
IndieWebCamp Austin
IndieWebCamp Austin 2019 is a gathering for independent web creators of all kinds, from graphic artists, to designers, UX engineers, coders, hackers, to share ideas, actively work on creating for their own personal websites, and build upon each others creations.
I'm attending remotely.

Unfortunately I won’t be there in person, but I am looking forward to remotely attend IWC Austin 2019 via livestream and chat!

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post from
Maki says hello updated website.

A more animated Maki!

Maki says hello updated website.

All site plumbing: replaced!

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Tue Dec 25

Thanks to Jonathan for his holiday spirit in this week’s We Have to Ask Podcast!

Fri Dec 21
🔖 Bookmarked Researching a Property in the CSS Specifications ◆ 24 ways
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post from More fun with Webmentions
I ended up writing a little embed widget to embed webmention responses/reactions into my blog posts. It all happens client-side, but so do Disqus comments so I figure that’s okay.
Thu Dec 20
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post from Some thoughts on: My Url Is (Episode 3) mostly around applying some indieweb concepts to the web accessibility space
My URL Is is a podcast which features a new guest every two weeks to talk about how they got involved with the IndieWeb and what hopes, goals and aspirations they have for the community and for their website. The guests are a combination of those both new to the IndieWeb and …