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Mon Jul 15
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come camping with GHOST PARTY - as part of the Baltimore Improv Festival! Friday August 2nd @ 11 pm πŸ‘»β›ΊοΈ @bigimprov
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post from My webmention endpoint wish list
While it has some rough edges, the Webmention protocol has a lot going for it. One of the nice things about it is that it's easy to add support via a third-party endpoint, such as, which is what I (and many others) use.
Sat Jul 13

IndieWeb Meetup NYC 2019-07-13 Wrap-Up

NYC's first IndieWeb Meetup of July 2019 took place at Devoçion Coffee in Brooklyn, NY. Here are some notes from the meeting! (new!) β€” New to the IndieWeb and attending his first meetup! Has been building his own websites for a while, learning a lot about web development. Currently working on a version of his site based on Django, and interested in adding IndieWeb building blocks, starting with rel=me. β€” Working on his write-up(s) post-IndieWeb Summit. Made some small progress today. πŸ˜… Also wanting to streamline his iOS Shortcuts-based workflows for posting to his site, taking personal notes, etc.

Other discussion:

  • We should bring signs or other IndieWeb indicators to these meetups! I'm so used to a few regulars that I didn't expect new folks. Thankfully Rasul found me! 😬
  • We talked about soooo many building blocks! Webmention (and how to use them to RSVP), Micropub (and how iOS Shortcuts can post using it), backfeed (responses from Twitter), storing data, hosting sites and content, learning new languages, learning new libraries, how and why to learn new web dev skills, and much more.
  • How did you get started building websites? Despite starting many years apart, we both had stories of building websites for groups we were part of or businesses we knew people from.
  • Staying in touch with the IndieWeb community, from chat (very high attention if you're in there all the time to low attention with the help of Loqi the chat bot and !tell commands) to the weekly newsletters.

Thanks to Rasul for coming out for his first IndieWeb Meetup! We missed Tiara, who was stuck on Long Island due to extreme train schedule changes. We also missed Matt G, who was at a wedding, but working on his website in spirit.

We look forward to seeing folks at the next meeting! Watch the Events page for details about the next meetup!

Photo for today’s IndieWeb Meetup NYC!

Fri Jul 12

Really resonating with these thoughts from Ben WerdmΓΌller on doing more to prevent the things we build being used to spread fear, hate, and violence.

post from Trump's social media summit and me
Today, President Trump is hosting a social media summit at the White House. Rather than inviting actual social media platforms and experts to have a substantive conversation about the real problems inherent to the medium and how we might fix them, he has chosen to gather a …
Thu Jul 11
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Wed Jul 10
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post from Together v3
Over the last few months I have been completely rebuilding my social reader Together. So I felt I should write a post about it to highlight what's changed and show off what Together has to offer.First off just a little info on the idea of a social reader: A social reader is an …
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post from Interview with IndieWeb co-founders
Last year after IndieWeb Summit in Portland, I sat down with IndieWeb co-founders Tantek Γ‡elik and Aaron Parecki to talk about the history of IndieWebCamp for my upcoming book, Indie Microblogging. Only part of the interview will fit in the book, so I’m including a full …
Tue Jul 9
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Mon Jul 8
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post Everyone needs a little self-care time
Nothing better than a little self-care, by indudging my love of rollercoastersIts a lesson I’ve learned after many mistakes from a previous life (before my brush with death). Taking some time for myself to chill out a little, especially after one of those busy weeks that I …
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post from IndieWeb Sharing with iOS Shortcuts
I mentioned last week I had setup iOS Shortcuts to post Likes, Reposts, and Bookmarks to my website, and automatically syndicate those posts to Twitter. This solved a particular pain point in my β€œworkflow,” where I’d share something to my website with Indigenous, but then have to …
β˜‘ RSVP'd to an event
πŸ—½ IndieWeb Meetup NYC
Join us for an afternoon of IndieWeb personal site demos and discussions!
I'm going!

Whether you’ve already got a personal site, or you’re just getting interested, join us for an IndieWeb Meetup in Brooklyn!

Sun Jul 7
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I’m mostly done writing the first draft of my #IndieWeb iOS Shortcuts guide. Just got some screenshots to add, mostly. It’s sitting at ~750 words, although I’ve tried to keep it fairly technical-term free. Hopefully I’ll get it published tonight or tomorrow.
Sat Jul 6

Ahh! I am very excited for all the new Shortcuts goodies in iOS 13 this fall!!

post from Automators 27: Shortcuts in iOS 13 – Diving into the Deep End!
In Automators 27 David and I did the thing we do best: ignore all the advice, install the betas, suffer for it, but in the end we got you the goods on Shortcuts in iOS 13 and what it’s really like!One of the things we love in this new version of Shortcuts is the replacement of …
Fri Jul 5
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Charlie Owen
post from 2019.07.05, 08:07
It's just occurred to me that the people I find most interesting to talk to about the web are the ones who are part dev, and part librarian, or museum worker. Curation and outreach is such an important part of the web that is so, so, so often ignored.
Tue Jul 2

2019: the year of Linux on the Desktop πŸ’πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

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post from IndieWeb Summit day 2: Authl finally gets some love
One of the biggest bits of functionality I want to get in the next milestone for Publ is private posts. Doing private posts requires some way of determining the identity of the person who is reading the site. There are a lot of mechanisms to choose from. Most of them are largely …
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post from A long-winded IndieWeb ramble I wrote on the train back from Portland
(This is a somewhat-edited version of a disconnected ramble I posted on Twitter/Mastodon while on the train home today. I feel like putting this somewhere that I own it, but am not in a good enough mental state to actually write it properly.)
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post from IndieWeb Summit 2019
I had the great pleasure of spending this weekend in Portland, OR for the 2019 IndieWeb Summit. IWS is my favorite event of the year, as it gives me the opportunity to spend time with so many smart, like-minded, principled people who are interested in using technology to make a …
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post from Constructing websites as constructing ourselves: Thinking out loud
This is just me, thinking out loud, so expect it to be rough, incomplete, unpolished. But I thought it was a train of thought worth stopping, so here we go.
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The end of this keynote gets at exactly what I was talking about in my last post.

Trump admin threatens to legislate crypto backdoors, T-Mobile and AT&T whistle while customers’ lives are ruined by SIM swaps, and CBP’s racist/sexist/etc Facebook playground.

Another great @violetblue Cybersecurity Roundup: July 2, 2019

Mon Jul 1
πŸ“ Checked in at Gate B34, New York, NY.

πŸ›¬ long flight, short night, red eyes is right.

Sun Jun 30
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Inspired byΒ @schmartyβ€˜s #IndieWebSummit keynote, I’ve just hacked together a pair of iOS Shortcuts that will take URLs from Tweetbot, post them to my site as a Like or Repost, then syndicate back to Twitter automatically πŸ™Œ
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IndieWeb Summit: reply-contexts should be user-editable in posting UIs in-reply-to h-cite property [...]

Thanks for writing this up! This discussion at Summit reminded me of several Micropub “UX Building Blocks” that would be very neat as reusable components between Micropub clients.

  • Reply context / link preview customizers (like the proof-of-concept Quill demo I showed at Summit, of which this is a test post!)
  • Micropub media upload handling for photo/featured, audio, video
  • Date/time selectors for events
  • “Pill” interfaces for tags/categories
  • Address book / nickname cache integration and autocomplete for @-mentions, venues, …
  • And many more!
πŸ“ Checked in at Deschutes Brewery Portland Airport, Portland, OR.

A break before flying away!

πŸ“ Checked in at Blue Star Donuts, Portland, OR.
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Setting up for the IndieWeb pre-party!

Looks good, party hard.