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Fri Sep 18

Not everyone will help you get what you want, even during eternal Caturday.

Thu Sep 17

Rest aggressively during eternal Caturday.

Wed Sep 16

Yeah it’s eternal Caturday but sometimes we are just so tired.

Tue Sep 15

Shake off the sleepies, it’s eternal Caturday!

Mon Sep 14
πŸ”– Bookmarked Webster’s Dictionary Defines β€œView Source” As... - Jim Nielsen’s Weblog

“The β€œbefore” HTML I looked at was the raw HTML sent over the wire. The β€œafter” HTML I looked at was a stringification of the DOM after a couple seconds of first requesting the URL. The string is a representation of what the browser decides to output if you click β€œEdit as HTML” on the root DOM node and then copy it. In other words, it’s the browser’s version of saying β€œyou input HTML, I parsed it, executed relevant JavaScript, and now have this HTML representation.””

Emerge from your hidey-hole. It’s eternal Caturday!

Sun Sep 13

Rest up! There is more eternal Caturday on the way.

Sat Sep 12
πŸ“• Finished reading The Calculating Stars by Mary Robinette Kowal

Eternal Caturday means time to play!

Fri Sep 11

What shapes are you making during eternal Caturday?

Thu Sep 10

Always good to revisit HTML basics. Love this video from Una Kravets (with special appearance by Rob Dodson on the benefits of starting with accessible semantic HTML.

We struggle to get a grip during eternal Caturday.

Wed Sep 9

Still keepin’ it clean on eternal Caturday.

Tue Sep 8

Resting remains a good activity during eternal Caturday.

Mon Sep 7

Wishing you a day of reflection during eternal Caturday.

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It’s high-time I catch up with some IndieWeb! But I am too low-energy for it tonight. 😩

Sun Sep 6

If it fits it sits during eternal Caturday. And every day.

Sat Sep 5

It’s nice to find a comfy spot during eternal Caturday.

Fri Sep 4

Oh just get up and get it. It’s eternal Caturday!

Thu Sep 3

What are the obstacles between you and your goals during eternal Caturday?

Wed Sep 2

Some things look so close yet feel so far during eternal Caturday.

Tue Sep 1

What will you find stashed away during eternal Caturday?

Mon Aug 31

A new week begins to stir. And yet it remains eternal Caturday!

Sun Aug 30

Hope you are cozy this eternal Caturday.

Sat Aug 29

Sometimes we get distracted by what’s within reach during eternal Caturday.

πŸ“— Want to read The Palace Job by Patrick Weekes ISBN: 9781477848203
Fri Aug 28
πŸ” Reposted
post from The tech industry is culpable for Trump
Kevin Roose has writtenΒ an alarming wakeup call in the New York Times:Pro-Trump political influencers have spent years building a well-oiled media machine that swarms around every major news story, creating a torrent of viral commentary that reliably drowns out both the …

We reach out for what’s in front of us during eternal Caturday.

Thu Aug 27
πŸ“• Finished reading The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers ISBN: 9781500453305

We watch closely for changes during eternal Caturday.