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📍 Checked in at The Half Pint, New York, NY.
A future haunt?

Photo for tonight’s HWC Baltimore!

HWC Baltimore 2018-11-13 Wrap-Up

Baltimore's first Homebrew Website Club of November met at the Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center on November 13th.

Here are some notes from the "broadcast" portion of the meetup: — Ran into an issue with his homepage. Some nginx rule was falling back to a default site. Got it fixed, though. Been doing lots of web dev for work, but none for his personal site. — Been traveling a lot! Went to IWC Berlin and Accessibility Club and had a great time! Grateful to catch up with and meet new people in the IndieWeb community. Worked on month/year archive navigation for the new Hugo version of his site, which is very close to being feature-complete compared to his Jekyll site.

Other discussion:

  • IWC Berlin! Marty went and there were many good sessions.
  • Changes in organizing HWCs (wiki stuff) and related events (travel sponsorships for IWCs, peripheral events that could bring people into the IndieWeb community).
  • Replacing Flickr. Flickr dumping free content beyond the latest 1000 images. DHF relies heavily on Flickr albums, including using them for the homepage of their site. Will probably get a Flickr Pro account now, request an export to make sure their photos are safe.
  • Web accessibility! So many fresh new JavaScript-based things refuse to use semantic markup, or otherwise break navigation or readability, making them unusable. Accessibility Club had a lot of good lessons. Hopefully the videos of the talks will go up soon!
  • WordPress accessibility issues around the new Gutenberg editor, the problems with Automattic pushing it through without listening to community. Yikes.

Thanks to everyone who came out! We look forward to seeing you at our next meetup on Tuesday, November 27th at 7:30pm!

Thanks to Jonathan for guiding my inner child to sleep in this week’s We Have to Ask Podcast!

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📍 Checked in at BWI Gate D25, Baltimore, MD.
Many happy returns.
📍 Checked in at Gate A4, Detroit, MI.
📍 Checked in at Express Tram, Detroit, MI.
📍 Checked in at Gate A57, Detroit, MI.
🛬 DTW. Now to make a quick transfer!
📍 Checked in at Gate B14, Dayton, OH.
DAY ✈️ DTW. Bye Dayton! Bye #AcadeCon 👋