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Wed Jul 8
Screenshot of the Tor Browser showing the ".onion available" message when viewing my caturday page.

Thanks to Onion Location you will now be reminded you can view your favorite loops of my cat more securely when using Tor Browser.

πŸ”– Bookmarked How I Became a Police Abolitionist - The Atlantic

“Rather than waiting for comforting answers to every potential harm ahead of us, let’s run. And continue to organize, imagine, and transform this country toward freedom and justice without police and violence. Let’s run.”

Yaww-oh! Hello! Happy eternal Caturday!

Tue Jul 7

Okay! Enough of that. Back to your regularly scheduled eternal Caturday programming.

Mon Jul 6

wE LiVe HeRe NoW. hApPy EtErNaL cAtUrDaY.

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post from D-L Stewart Asks What Life Would Look Like If Black Trans* Lives Mattered
Intense and important talk by D-L Stewart from TEDx Talks on YouTube:Over the course of his 18-year faculty career, he has focused most intently on the history and philosophy of higher education, as well as institutional systems and structures that affect the postsecondary …
Sun Jul 5
πŸ“• Finished reading So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo ISBN: 9781580056779

The state of the weekend cocoon is strong. Happy eternal Caturday!

Sat Jul 4

Oh, okay. I guess we live here now. Happy eternal Caturday.

Fri Jul 3

You can do it! Try again! Join us in this eternal Caturday!

Thu Jul 2

Yes, even in your cocoon you hear the call of eternal Caturday. Heed it!

Wed Jul 1

Oh no. Are you resigned to your weekend cocoon on eternal Caturday?

Tue Jun 30
πŸ“— Want to read Are Prisons Obsolete? by Angela Y. Davis ISBN: 9781583225813
πŸ“• Finished reading Locking Up Black Dissidents and Punishing the Poor: The Roots of Mass Incarceration in the US by Mumia Abu-Jamal, Johanna FernΓ‘ndez DOI: 10.1080/08854300.2014.974983

C’mon! You can do it! Escape your weekend cocoon and get your eternal Caturday going!

πŸ”– Bookmarked Doomscrolling Is Slowly Eroding Your Mental Health | WIRED

“each person watches the demise of so much, while also slowly destroying themselves”

Mon Jun 29

Escape your weekend cocoon! Time to take on eternal Caturday!

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Sun Jun 28

All screamed out? Curl up and have some rest on eternal Caturday.

Sat Jun 27
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post from
Great crowd for @IndieWebCamp West keynotes and intros! We're running sessions the rest of the day, and projects and demos tomorrow! Join here ➀


(translation: it’s still eternal Caturday)

Fri Jun 26
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Shout it out! It’s Friday! I mean eternal Caturday!!

Thu Jun 25

Look ahead even as the wind blows you back during eternal Caturday.

Wed Jun 24
β˜‘ RSVP'd to an event
IndieWebCamp West - Eat Your Own Cooking Pre Party
We are requesting registration for this event as part of the registration.
I'm not attending.

I absolutely laughed out loud at this naming. Was looking forward to chatting with some IndieWeb folks late Friday night but it’s the end of a long work week and I am exhausted.

Looking forward to some IndieWebCamp West 2020 online!

β˜‘ RSVP'd to an event
IndieWebCamp West
IndieWebCamp West 2020 is an online gathering for independent web creators of all kinds, from graphic artists, to designers, UX engineers, coders, hackers, to share ideas, actively work on creating for their own personal websites, and build upon each others creations.
I'm going!

Let’s spend some of our time online on better ways to spend our online time!!!

Keep listening. It’s eternal Caturday.

Tue Jun 23

Check in with something you’ve been ignoring during eternal Caturday.

Mon Jun 22

Shake off the weekend! Again! It’s eternal Caturday!

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post from Stop Hate for Profit campaign #StopHateforProfit pulling ads from @Facebook … joining @thenorthface @patagonia @rei and more @adafruit
We joined the Stop Hate for Profit campaign by pulling ads on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook spreads disinformation, hatred, white supremacy, bigotry, racism, antisemitism, and violence. Facebook specifically has ignored the requests from users, companies, and social justice …