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Notes for event attendance tracker using webmentions from the #badges session at IWC NYC.

Eating before meeting at IndieWebCamp NYC Leaders meeting.

Photo for tonight’s HWC Baltimore

Photo for tonight’s HWC Baltimore

Please note: We are back to meeting on Wednesday and meeting at 6:30pm. Be sure to double-check your …

Photo for tonight’s HWC Baltimore

OMG. Y’all. This is your last chance to see Hostel in our regular Friday night slot!

Get …

Looks like Aaron Parecki is up to something fun with his new podcast …

Watching a show with my friend Mr. Trash Wheel. Acceptable free seats at Pier 6.5!

Photo for tonight’s HWC Baltimore

A short hop to Kansas City!
Post OS Bridge IndieWeb hang
Post-PDX FLIT meetup — with Douglas, michelle, Tantek
Fighting for the users
Post-post-Summit cocktails — with gRegor, Tantek, michelle, Douglas

Kicking off IndieWeb Summit 2018!!

Pre-Summit Meetup!
Post-Pre-Summit Actual Lunch
Post-Pre-Summit Pre-Lunch Donuts — with gRegor, Tantek, David
Pre-pre-Summit breakfast and ☕️
Killer Queen and chips and cheese