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Earlier this week I announced Screech, a simple client for posting audio content (such as podcasts) …

A nice wall-mountable organizer for your Aeropress parts.

I chopped the design AeroPress Wall …

What a great and spooky time this past Saturday at Valentine’s Day with GHOST PARTY! Thanks to …

Photo for HWC Baltimore 2017-02-08!

Sonos services are fun case studies in user antipatterns. “Your music will be saved to the …

From a few days ago. Part of the old Bethlehem, PA steel works, now a steelpunk art piece outside …

Photo for tonight’s Homebrew Website Club Baltimore.


Sign-ups start at 7pm! Come on down to Single Carrot Theatre and show us your stand-up, …

It’s overdue, but the new TOS pushed me to act. Tonight I liberated my Evernote content. …

Almost went for the Nitro cold brew at 3 Bean. Made a more relaxed choice of tea at the Bun Shop.

Group photo for HWC Baltimore 2016-11-30

Pile of index cards from running my first ever D&D campaign last night.

Voting complete!

Excited that I can now more easily post events to my own website from #indieweb …

Group photo for HWC Baltimore 1019!

Enjoying the Baltimore Book Festival with Amy and Kim. Taking a rest next to Seuss’s Monster. …

It’s the first meeting of Homebrew Website Club Baltimore!

Quiet writing hour starts now. …

Camp Karaoke Night! #CIUEast #TakeOnMe

Kicking off Tiny Camp Festival 2016! #CIUEast #TCF2016

Group photo time! #CIUEast

Early arrivals to the Sunday morning warmups. #CIUEast

Sunday morning breakfast crew. #CIUEast

Sunday morning lake views. #CIUEast

High intensity Fractured Fairy Tale during Jam City! #CIUEast #JAMCITY #JAMCITAAAAAY

Afternoon board games. #CIUEast

Saturday Arts n Crafts folks at Camp Improv Utopia East. #CIUEast

Maya and Me on our way to Camp Improv Utopia East 2016! Thanks for the lift! #CIUEast #roadtrip

Chillin with Hunter not watching the VMAs.

A nice 360 photo of the nice folks in the Content session on day one of IndieWebCamp NYC2

Happy IndieWebCamp NYC day 1! Bonding over beers at Top Hops Beer Shop.