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IndieWeb Summit After Party 🎤
IndieWeb Summit day two!!
Checking out the community podcast studio at StreamPDX!

About to kick things off at #IndieWebSummit

#IndieWeb Summit day 1! Excited to have some good discussions with some fun people!
IndieWeb Summit Pre-Party, woo!
IndieWeb Leaders meeting over. Time for lunch!

Blue Star Donuts knows that silos are gonna silo. #IndieWeb

Good morning, Portland! I’m still on east coast time, apparently!

Photo for HWC Baltimore 2017-05-31

So much fun doing a live We Have to Ask episode tonight as part of the 2nd Annual Baltimore Podcast …

Excited for Whose Live Anyway at the Lyric in Baltimore.

Photo for tonight’s HWC Baltimore

Celebrating the Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture​ Race with the special two-day-only beer! Yes, it is …

🔴 Live in 2 hours! 8pm ET @DnDSVU returns with S02E01 Market for Death.

A wet, but great, walk through DC with some science-loving friends.

Headed to DC to #marchforscience! ⚛️🌎

Photo for tonight’s HWC Baltimore

Photo for HWC Baltimore 2017-02-08

Earlier this week I announced Screech, a simple client for posting audio content (such as podcasts) …

A nice wall-mountable organizer for your Aeropress parts.

I chopped the design AeroPress Wall …

What a great and spooky time this past Saturday at Valentine’s Day with GHOST PARTY! Thanks to …

Photo for HWC Baltimore 2017-02-08!

Sonos services are fun case studies in user antipatterns. “Your music will be saved to the …

From a few days ago. Part of the old Bethlehem, PA steel works, now a steelpunk art piece outside …

Photo for tonight’s Homebrew Website Club Baltimore.


Sign-ups start at 7pm! Come on down to Single Carrot Theatre and show us your stand-up, …

It’s overdue, but the new TOS pushed me to act. Tonight I liberated my Evernote content. …

Almost went for the Nitro cold brew at 3 Bean. Made a more relaxed choice of tea at the Bun Shop.