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Baltimore Homebrew Website Club quiet writing hour has begun! Come work on your website!

Sweet Baltimore City pump truck.

Great time doing a set at the Unified Scene Theater tonight with Remote Possibilities!

Getting ready for trivia

Photo for tonight’s HWC Baltimore!

Time to see Brisket do some improv! And then do some improv with Remote Possibilities! And then see …

Photo for tonight’s Homebrew Website Club Baltimore

Time for Homebrew Website Club!
Settling back in to the Bmore life.

Nitro cold brew and a spinach+feta muffin at PDX. Traveling in luxury. 🙃


My personal karaoke take from last night. Thanks to the IndieWeb karaoke party team for helping me …

Leaving on that red line train to PDX. Thanks, Portland!
IndieWeb Summit After Party 🎤
IndieWeb Summit day two!!
Checking out the community podcast studio at StreamPDX!

About to kick things off at #IndieWebSummit

#IndieWeb Summit day 1! Excited to have some good discussions with some fun people!
IndieWeb Summit Pre-Party, woo!
IndieWeb Leaders meeting over. Time for lunch!

Blue Star Donuts knows that silos are gonna silo. #IndieWeb

Good morning, Portland! I’m still on east coast time, apparently!

Photo for HWC Baltimore 2017-05-31

So much fun doing a live We Have to Ask episode tonight as part of the 2nd Annual Baltimore Podcast …

Excited for Whose Live Anyway at the Lyric in Baltimore.

Photo for tonight’s HWC Baltimore

Celebrating the Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture​ Race with the special two-day-only beer! Yes, it is …