Earlier this week I announced Screech, a simple client for posting audio content (such as podcasts) to your own site using Micropub.

I’m pleased to announce that Screech is now available publicly. You can check it out at https://screech.schmarty.net/.

Screech also now has an adorable logo, thanks to a couple of pieces of public domain art.


Kat Martineau
Lisa Anthony
Clare Lochary
Andy McIntyre
Ryan Barrett
Kristen L. McKenzie
Amanda Carver
Nadja Atalanta Tathata Martens
Malissa Phillips
Kevin Permison
Tamara Blue Cavell-Allette
Kaye Bailey Laymance
Andrew Young
Kim Le
Brian E. Young
Kathleen Williams
Barry Wright III
Adam Bouhmad
Ari Douglas
Hasdai Westbrook
Grant K Chang
RJ Wafer
Scott Brown


Säräh Mähr❤️
Kimberly Laymance❤️
Adrianna Berlin❤️


Todd Blatt Todd Blatt at said:

Owl be sure to ask you about it next time I see you!

Kim Le Kim Le at said:

Better than: http://gph.is/115gLXN

Jason Rhodes Jason Rhodes at said:

Come give a 5-10 min talk about this at charmcityjs!

Marty McGuire Marty McGuire at said:

Webmentions are one of the most interesting and powerful technologies floating around the IndieWeb. At their most basic, they sites on the web to interact by sending a notification when a page on one site links to a page on another. When combined with machine-readable metadata like microformats2, they enable really neat social interactions between sites, feeding back likes, comments, bookmarks, shares, event RSVPs, and plenty more. Receiving Webmentions A site doesn't have to do all its own …