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Tue Jul 31

Thanks to our guest Austin C. Thoms for reconnecting with the past (and with Jonathan Monroe) in this week’s We Have to Ask Podcast!

post from Has It Really Been That Long? β€’ Ep 158- Austin from High school
It's been a minute. Marty and Jonathan welcome a high school mate of Jonathan's, Austin. This week a podcast host and a DJ in LA catch up.
Tue Jul 24

Thanks to Jonathan Monroe for listening to SO MANY past episodes, discovering SO MANY bookkeeping issues, editing down SO MANY clips, and bringing We Have to Ask Podcast one week closer to the inevitable.

post from Have We Run Out Of Ideas? β€’ Ep 140- 1st "25" Clip Show
Sometimes to prepare for a big event, you must throw out everything you know and get lazy. Come on a journey of Jonathan and Marty's first "25" episodes.
Tue Jul 17

Thanks to our guest Timotheus German for giving us a higher perspective in this week’s We Have to Ask Podcast!

post from How Do You Save The Day? β€’ Ep 138 - FlyHawk
Dun Dun Dun DUNNNNNNNN! Marty and Jonathan are back for another exciting episode. This week, they meet a student of the game, FlyHawk. Will they discover his weakness? Will they conquer this episode? Will they follow each other on Linkedin and start networking? Tune in to find …
Tue Jul 10

Thanks to our guest Ash(er) for his well-honed training in this week’s We Have to Ask Podcast.

And special thanks to Jāsân Herbert for the incredible 8-bit art of our heads! 😍

post from Will We Catch Them All? β€’ Ep 194- Pokemon Generations
Marty and Jonathan attempt to catch them all. Pokemon is a multi-generational game series that continues to go strong. Our hosts have a guest who has extensive knowledge on these Pocket Monsters.
Tue Jul 3

Thanks to our wonderful guests Kelly Buttermore and Justin Peters for keeping this light on this week’s [We Have to Ask Podcast](!

post from What Are You Drinkin'? β€’ Ep 177- The Light Side
Marty and Jonathan venture outside of the local brews this week. They have brought in experts of light beer. Why do people still lean towards this beer at pubs? Marty and Jonathan get to the bottom of it.
Tue Jun 26

Thanks to our guest Haley Bronzino for sieging the Wall of Jonathan’s refusal to watch Game of Thrones in this week’s We Have to Ask Podcast!

post from How Have You Not Seen That? β€’ Ep 146- Game of Thrones
It's Marty's week to get Jonathan on board. This episode, Marty is riding in on a dragon to convince Jonathan that Game of Thrones is a show for him. He has brought in fan and expert of the show, Haley, to crown this show the best thing Jonathan has never seen.
Tue Jun 19

Thanks to our guest Juan Ogando for a cogent and emergent discussion in this week’s We Have to Ask Podcast!

post from Who Fragged Who? β€’ Ep 127- Gears of War
Marty and Jonathan squad up this week with special guest, Juan. This week they discuss the Gears of War franchise. They get a chance to speak on its growing popularity, its next installment, and its online game play.
Tue Jun 12

Thanks to our guest Julia Gerhardt for showing us new ways to be seen seeing in this week’s We Have to Ask Podcast!

post from Should We Say Something? β€’ Ep 183- A Guest
Marty and Jonathan invite a guest into the studio this week. The topic of discussion is how to meet and greet someone famous. Have our hosts ever met someone famous and how did it go?
Tue May 29

A busy Baltimore weekend, with (arena) football, improv shows, and pseudo beaches on this week’s We Have to Ask Podcast.

post from How Was Your Weekend? β€’ Ep 131- Memorial Day Weekend 2018
Marty and Jonathan chat about the happenings of Memorial Day weekend. Jonathan discusses attending his first game of the season for the Baltimore Brigade. Marty gives the run down on Baltimore's Sandlot.
Tue May 22

Thanks to our guest Justin Brashear for his spiritual guidance in this week’s We Have to Ask Podcast!

post from Will The Stars Align? β€’ Ep 118- Dudley J Quaid
Marty and Jonathan finally look to the stars to bring Jeff Goldblum and Dame Judi Dench together. What do their birth signs tell us about their connect? Is Mercury the answer to the problem?