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Tue Jan 17

Thanks to our guest Matt Holmes for making this episode so technically accurate! Make sure to catch his show Matt And Improv!

post from How Do They Make That? β€’ Ep 96 - Laughter with Sam Whitfield
Jonathan and Marty chat with Sam Whitfield about the sometimes surprising techniques that go into manufacturing the laughter we all take for granted.
Tue Jan 10

Thanks to our guest Sarah Maher for keeping us looking to the future in this week’s episode of We Have to Ask

post from What Do You Have To Look Forward To? β€’ Ep 2016 A - Sandra the Executive Producer of 2016
[Time Slip Detected] Celebrating the start of 2016, Jonathan and Marty interview Sandra, the executive producer for the year 2016, to see what she has in store.
Tue Jan 3

Thanks to everyone who came out to the 2017: The Year of Peak Sloth - Live Podcasting Event! Special thanks to our guest Heather Moyer for dealing out the healing in this week’s episode!

post from Why Is This Happening To Me? β€’ Ep 49 - Dr. Sheila Taylor
In their second attempt at a live show, Jonathan and Marty begin to self-actualize with the help of Dr. Sheila Taylor.
Sun Dec 25

It’s a Christmas Miracleβ„’!

Tue Dec 20

Thanks to our guest Terry Withers for makin’ it hot this week!

post from Do You Sweat The Small Stuff? β€’ Ep 29 - Terry Withers
Jonathan and Marty sit down with scientist Terry Withers to discuss his research into human sweat. The team answers audience advice questions.
Tue Dec 13

Hey! You’re already planning on coming to the Peak Sloth Podcast Network’s New Years Eve live podcasting event at the Single Carrot Theatre from 6-8pm on 1231, right??

Sure, I know you’re excited about the chance to see live shows from The Digression Sessions Podcast and Hobo Radio, plus improv from the Baltimore Improv Group along with snacks and booze.

Let me add fuel to that fire because Jonathan and I will be putting on a live, improvised episode of We Have to Ask with EXTREME SPECIAL GUEST HEATHER MOYER!!

Did I mention that admission is free??

post from
Single Carrot Theatre 2600 N Howard St Baltimore MD 21218
2017: The Year of Peak Sloth - Live Podcasting Event
Join us for a night of live podcast recordings from We Have to Ask, The Digression Sessions and Hobo Radio and improv brought to you by the Baltimore Improv Group.

Thanks to our guest Jon Ulrich for putting the old in old school for this episode!

post from How Do You Kick It Old School? β€’ Ep 256 - William Winkle
Jonathan and Marty go even more old school than usual with guest William Winkle, whose memories extend back to WW I.
Tue Nov 22

Thanks to Blue and Zizwe for giving us something to be thankful for in this week’s We Have to Ask Podcast!

post from What Are You Thankful For? β€’ Ep 83 - Blue and Paul
Jonathan and Marty sit down with long-time married couple Blue and Paul to talk about how gratitude makes things work for them.
Tue Nov 8

Thanks to our guest Justin Eifert for making this week’s We Have to Ask episode structurally sound.

post from Why Not Go Out On A Limb? β€’ Ep 55 - Adrian Pineman
Jonathan and Marty bring on a new collaborator to kick the Oakley 2 build into gear.