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Fri Jan 27
🔖 Bookmarked There are many opposing forces in the #IndieWeb that can seem like catch-22s, yet help clarify priorities, and balance present pragmatism & future optimism.

Rather than contradictions, these tensions are a source of inquiry, questions, and conversations.

Each could be expanded into their own discussion or exploration.

Each of them is an axis of sorts, with different “right” answers for different people, depending on what they want, and how much time or other resources they have.

Each makes the most sense when explored in the context of a focus on solving real user needs to participate directly on today’s web.

Each is also a trap for abstract logic, theoretical purity, or dogmatic absolutism, especially when detached from real world goals, constraints, and efforts.

Mon Jan 4
🔖 Bookmarked Adactio: Articles—Design Principles For The Web

“Let’s apply those principles, apply the principle of least power, apply the robustness principle. Value ubiquity even over consistency. Value universal access over control. That way, you can make products and services that aren’t just on the web, but of the web.”