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Wed Mar 25

We are not always sure where to look for reliable information, as eternal Caturday wears on.

Tue Mar 24

We organize our things and ourselves during eternal Caturday.

Mon Mar 23

Settling in for another week of social physical distancing. Happy eternal Caturday.

Sun Mar 22

We must amuse ourselves on eternal Caturday.

Sat Mar 21

We rest, yet find ourselves restless as eternal Caturday stretches on.

Fri Mar 20

An island escape! Alas it is only virtual. Eternal Caturday continues.

Thu Mar 19

Comfy, if fidgety, inside on eternal Caturday

Wed Mar 18

We shelter-in-place during eternal Caturday.

Tue Mar 17

We still have shoes to fill on eternal Caturday

Mon Mar 16

Still in our eternal Caturday cave